Saturday, December 13, 2014

What ever happened to the mythical "family values conservative," Jaime Herrera?

I've never made any secret of my disdain for the colossal waste of skin otherwise known as Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Falsely referred to by the democratian as "a young 'family values' conservative with a glowing resume'" when she was parachuted in here as a result of a deal between then County Commissioner Marc Boldt and his former crush, Cathy McMorris, Herrera's abysmal tenure of governance by press release and false conservatism has tickled Lefty Lou Brancaccio's fancy, among other things, so even the daily democrat loves this utter failure of democracy.

On the surface, Herrera's the whole package: young, female, hispanic... you'd expect her to be the golden trophy, so to speak, trotted out by the GOP as part of a diversity pitch, a talking head on the issues confronting us, a leader of the charge to right the ship of state.

On the contrary: Herrera is an intellectual and political coward.  And they don't let her out without a keeper.

Her handlers have stumbled on a formula that suits her (And Brandon Vick, come to think of it) where the goal is NOT to accomplish anything: instead, the goal is to make people THINK you're doing something.

And Herrera has done nothing, save for scamming a selfie or two with Russell Wilson as she crashed the White House Super Bowl Party and marketing her kidney-less daughter as a political appendage while she gets second fiddle in Herrera's political orchestra.

Meanwhile, Herrera's political career has consisted of sending out the odd letter, hiding, and selling us all out because her keeper, McMorris, yanked her string and made it happen... most recently, with the House GOP sell out vote that funds Obamacare, illegal alien amnesty, and the Klingon Princess's school lunch slop program, among other hideousies

And that's a shame, really.  Herrera was the whole package when the local GOP allowed itself to be seduced by her questionable "charms."

That Herrera brings out the "best" in people is hard to deny.  Ryan Hart, former Clark County GOP Chair, sold out his endorsement (and, by extension, that of the party) for the promise of a highly-paid job as district director, a job he still holds.

Up in Cowlitz, a highly placed GOP'er fell for her in a BIG way, and ramrodded  the morons in the Cowlitz GOP's support (Well, that and some arm-twisting by McMorris and Slade Gorton) for this clueless waste of skin's appointment to the seat vacated by Richard Curtis back in 2007.

Meanwhile, she remains a Brancaccio Babe, slavishly looked after by the rag, only occasionally prodded over her cowardice when it comes to failing to hold town hall meetings; never questioned over her complete lack of leadership or communication with her constituency, and the bizarre calculus that by keeping her constituency in the dark, she can remain in office.

Where's Herrera at on the issues?  What is she doing to defund the BRT scam Leave-it is ramming down our throats?  How about Obamacare?  Why didn't she do something to kill the CRC Scam?  Where's she at on the foreign policy dangers facing us.... Russia in the Ukraine, ISIS, oil prices, our weakened military?  What is she personally going to do to cut the deficit?  When is she going to do something about the VA, Benghazi, the IRS, and the vast majority of the other threats facing us, many from our own government?

Don't know.  She ain't talking because no one is holding her accountable for her institutional cowardice.

Well, no one but me. And that includes the whack job running the daily democrat.

No, the psychotic obsession of Lefty Lou is David Madore, who has some level of importance in our lives to be sure, but nothing compared to the complete and utter waste of skin known as Jaime Herrera Beutler, the most worthless member of Congress in the United States.

No cups for her, eh, Lefty?

That, of course, just goes to prove that both Herrera AND Brancaccio are utterly worthless parasites on our community, who have both completely failed in their respective responsibilities to this community... as long as the money keeps coming in.


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