Friday, December 12, 2014

Vote GOP? Why bother?

I remember the excitement of the mid-terms last month: the GOP was going to TAKE CONTROL OF THE SENATE!

Who hoo!!!!

Well, in a very short time, that "Who hoo" has morphed into a "big whoop."

As it expected, our sock-puppet congresswoman betrayed us all once again, much like she has since she got here, by going along with her keeper's dictates: McMorris in House leadership no doubt yanked the Camas Manikin's chain and she did that equally empty suit's bidding.

Is anyone surprised?

The messaging that took place during the campaigns for both the House and the Senate were clear: No illegal alien amnesty and defund Obamacare.

That is exactly why they were sent there.  That is what they were supposed to do.

I've been inundated by many who told me that we had to go along with electing RINOs because that was the only way we'd get control.  And that once the GOP GOT control, then THAT is when the GOP would start doing the right thing... but meanwhile, they have to lie.

Meanwhile, they have to help add trillions to the deficit.  Meanwhile, they had to cut veteran's retirement and disability pay.  Meanwhile, they had to allow our military to be crippled.  Meanwhile, those responsible for Benghazi remain unpunished.  Meanwhile, those responsible for the IRS and VA debacles remain out of prison. Meanwhile, they had to cast a blind eye to every GOP tenet and position.

Yes, I realize those newly elected have not yet taken office.  I realize that lame ducks are going to do what they are going to do.

But, unfortunately for us all, John Boehner is NOT a "lame duck."  He was under no compunction to cave to Obama on this or anything else.

The fake "not going to shut down government" scam didn't seem to bother democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who would have been perfectly happy to shut down government to get her way.

How is it she's got more and bigger testicles than the Speaker?

Well, we certainly have the government we deserve... the clueless, worthless congresswoman... and the turn-coat sheep of the GOP.

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