Sunday, December 14, 2014

The bizarre idea that Jeanne Stewart should only represent Lou Brancaccio

When your editorial stance is based on hatred like Lefty Lou's, I suppose it was inevitable that this level of self-delusion could result in the bizarre idea that Jeanne Stewart is not a Clark County Commissioner.

I bet you had no idea.

No, Stewart is, in fact, a democratian commissioner.

What Lefty wants is a clone of the politically late, unlamented Steve "I don't speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart... except, of course, he wants Jeanne Stewart to only speak for him... because in his persistent, mentally confused state, he sees himself as the beginning and the end of Stewart's constituency... 430,000 or so of us notwithstanding.

Lefty's problem is that his perspective is driven, start to finish, by hatred of the other three principles: his radioactive hatred of David Madore, his self-loathing hatred of Don Benton and his contemptible hatred of Tom Mielke.

Lefty's hatred of these three is what drove his support of the Charter scam.  His hatred of these three stupidly resulted in his calculus that if he tied Madore to any candidate in this past cycle, that candidate would lose because, well, EVERYONE sees it Lefty's way, right?

How'd that work out for Lefty?  How did the candidates supported by Madore fare?

Except that they all won, I mean?

So, here's the thing.

Memo to Commissioner Stewart:

I want you to decide this issue as if the democratian generally, and Lefty Lou Brancaccio particularly, didn't exist.

That Lefty's got a big mouth and a barrel of ink doesn't make his position or perspective any more valuable than my pet gerbil's.

Filtered through his hatred screen, the fact is that nothing he does or says is based on a true assessment of what's best for the people of this county.

In fact, I would be more inclined to do the opposite of what this scumbag wants, if for no other reason than Lefty wants it.  In fact, my local or legislative government career would pretty much be the opposite of anything Lefty wanted... because for over a decade now, this resident embarrassment to journalism has rarely based his positions on what the people want: like most fringe-leftists around here, for example, he's offered nothing in any way realistic for solving our regional cross-river transportation problems and has, like most of the fringe-leftists around here, done all he can to stop any effort not spelled "CRC."

As a rule, if Lefty wants it, the people will likely oppose it.  And The People... not Lefty Lou... are who you are supposed to be responsible to.

There are, I believe, arguments on both sides of this issue.  Any effort to weaken the stupidity of the Charter Scam until the court battles are over certainly has merit; reducing the size of government and the subsequent expenses also bears looking at.

But whatever action the commissioners take cannot be based on any other reason except one: it's what's best for the people of this county.

The irony of Lefty Lou's position here is that today, in Lefty's world, his position is driven by his hatred of Sen. Don Benton.  He hates Benton SOOOOO much that he ACTUALLY wants Stewart to vote WITH Madore!

Whoever thought they'd see the day when Lefty would actually support Madore on ANYTHING?

Well, it's simple: Lefty's hatred of Benton has caused him to temporarily set aside his hatred of Madore.

He sees Benton as an immediate, achievable target.  If he "gets" Benton, he can take another year-long victory lap... as if he, Lefty, had anything to do with this outcome.

Lefty did his best to politically kill Jeanne Stewart during the election.  That failed. Now, having done his best to destroy her during that campaign, this idiot actually believes that Stewart should give him... or what he thinks... the time of day.

What Lefty wants is equal in importance to the size of a hole left in a bucket of water when you pull your foot out.

I believe in and will support whatever Jeanne does with this vote because I believe it will be the right thing TO do.

And it won't have spit to do with the petulant jerk that is Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

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Lew Waters said...

The usual slate of C3G2 haters lined up in comments to support ol' Lefty.

None see any attack or threat, of course.

They all take the same retard pills