Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GOP Establishment in Congress: the disappointment I'd thought they'd be.

For years now, we've been told by moderates that we had to keep the faith, that once the GOP took control of BOTH Houses of Congress, why, by golly.... things would be different.


I had... and continue to have.... a different view.

I've long since concluded that both parties in power have absolutely zero concern for this country's welfare.

On the fiscal level, both parties are doing all they can to force us off the fiscal cliff: the democrats look to have us sprint off the edge while the GOP has us going over the edge at a somewhat more sedate pace.

On the issue of illegal aliens and border security, neither House has done anything of substance; I don't expect that either House will.  When it comes to internal security, government agencies shatter our constitutional rights when it comes to our private communications while doing nothing to close down militant islamic camps and, in fact, refusing to even use the phrase "islamic extremist" in conjunction with muslim terrorists.

On the issue of Obamacare, that cancer in our community that every GOP'er alive ran against during the last cycle, nothing had been done to repeal it; no one has offered a plan to replace it, and things are no different now than they were on Election night.

On the issue of foreign/military policy, nothing different has been going on; we're still nibbling at the edges of ISIS, aka, the "junior varsity."

While we have increased the number of airstrikes to a paltry 5 sorties per day, when ti should be 50 or more, all we have to show for our latest idiocy is the loss of the government of Yemen and a clueless president who is blowing off our closest middle eastern ally, the Prime Minister of Israel.

There are more.... many more issues of this sort where promises were made and subsequently blown off.

I protested to those who kept assuring me that everything would be "different."  I knew better.  I know better.

Meanwhile... nothing has changed.  The military grows weaker by the minute, Obama continues to lie like he breathes, those he sends up to Capitol Hill to be yelled at take it (What choice do they have?) but Holder is still in contempt, the IRS is till going to be enforcing the lie of Obamacare and millions of illegal aliens are being invited to stay here.

Yeah.  Vote GOP.

That'll change everything.

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