Thursday, January 29, 2015

Barry throws a hissy fit over Bibi and democrats make security political?

So, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming in to give a speech to Congress on Iran.

Obama, who is and will be known for his many disasters on both the domestic and foreign fronts, is a bit upset at the whole thing, claiming that, among other things, this will help Bibi with his upcoming election in Israel, and Netanyahu's reelection, which I believe is assured, is the LAST thing Barry wants... to the point that Obama is aiding Bibi's political opposition... in Israel.

In short, the hypocritical, empty-suited, anti-American racist-in-chief has no problem interfering IN Israel with the upcoming election; he's just got a problem with Bibi's allies in DC countering his carefully laid plans to screw Bibi by having him speak in Congress.

Here's the thing: every time Obama throws a hissy fit over what's happening, those involved can be pretty sure that they're doing the right thing.

Obama's policy initiatives are pretty much like the democratian's: if either Barry or Lefty Lou support or oppose something, one can be fairly sure that the right position, the best position, is the opposite.

Democrats, who see the obvious need for taking foreign policy initiatives away from that incompetent moron, suddenly have backed off on joining with the GOP on Iranian sanctions as Obama would sell his own kids to get a deal... any deal... just so he can say he's got one. 

Now, all of a sudden, these leftists are telling us that there's no hurry, and they might get around to it in March when  it had been front-burnered for the next few days.

Why are they doing this?  To retaliate for Netanyahu's speech.

Gee.  Here I thought that American security would transcend partisan politics.

Silly me.

I'm not a huge Boehner fan by any means.  But like when the Klingon Princess got it right by refusing to wear that idiotic head scarf muslim's demand in Saudi Arabia (And when I was there, I saw many western women go around without that scarf) I give credit where I believe it's due, and this is one of those times.

Any time Congress takes any matter out of the hands of that idiot, it's likely going to be a good thing.  Because with his miserable record, he is arguably the worst president this country has ever known.

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