Saturday, January 31, 2015

How democrat of them: the idiocy of Obamacare continues....

And now, not even buying off the unions will be enough. 

Anyone following politics knows three things: 

1.  Obamacare is a disaster and will not work.

2.  Like our CRC locally, it's the gift that keeps on giving... to the GOP

3.  It's the penultimate signature of democrat incompetence and may, ultimately, be the reason for the leftist nadir:  democrats know it is clobbering them politically, but they stubborn refuse to get rid of it even as they're decimated as a result.

I am not going to sign up for it; I am not going to pay penalties or fines or any of the rest of it.

I cannot afford paying the usurious amount of money they want with completely unaffordable copays ($250 for each visit) for the few, remaining doctors that will take it.  The hundreds of millions wasted on the Oregon web site and the billion or more wasted on the federal site were the beginning signatures of this Ride of the Valkyries that was doomed from inception.

And, as Obamacare architect Gruber told us, there is zero doubt that Obama was counting on voter stupidity (After all, he was elected twice, and what does that say about the American voter?) which was delivered in spades... but now the chickens continue to come home to roost... and the American people have wised up.

Local leftists of the Moeller-Cleveland ilk, remain enraptured by the slimeball in the White House.

But as IRS actions against the millions refusing to become involved in this scam ramp up, the bloom will have long since fallen off the rose, and Obama will have cemented himself into first place on the list of the worst presidents this country has ever known.

Thanks, Barry.

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Pete Masterson said...

FWIW, you can apply for an exemption from the "mandate" tax (as created under Obamacare). The "hardship" exemption is written in such a way that almost no one would not qualify for it. (Hardship is defined in terms of what you feel is hardship-worthy.)

Personally, I already was covered under Medicare, but my wife faced a 94% increase in her premium (and co-pays double or triple those under her old policy) for the individual policy she had (that was cancelled and 'upgraded' to meet the minimum Obamacare standards). She is otherwise healthy -- and had 4 months from the cancellation of the old policy until her own Medicare coverage would kick in. She applied for a hardship exemption and it was granted. Didn't even ask about the cost of the "bronze" plans or consider one's ability to pay. Note: you might need to apply year by year, if you don't have qualifying coverage over several years -- hopefully this idiocy will be repealed sometime in 2017.