Monday, October 27, 2014

My vote: congressional.

Vote: Neither.

I have made my disdain known over the cardboard cut out of a congresswoman we have now.  The problem here is that her opponent is no better.

Jaime Herrera Beutler epitomizes just about everything that is bad about Congress.

Her Number One focus is to gain re-election, period.  She does and says as little as humanly possible; misleads and prevaricates as much as she can and during the entirety of her worthless tenure, she has refined her skills in the fine art of "bright, shiny object" politics to a fine art.

In everything from using her sick infant as a self-serving campaign prop to lacking the courage to hold open town hall meetings, Herrera has been an abysmal waste of time in Congress, limiting her representation to the special interests who own here like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

Name the subject, and you're likely NOT going to know what her position on that subject is or what she's going to do about it.

Herrera, for example, did absolutely nothing about the CRC/Loot Rail scam even though she's been in office at both the local and congressional level since late 2007.  That's seven YEARS to act: and we get nothing from her.

You would expect that Herrera, a bright-appearing, young female half-Hispanic would be front and center as part of the House team.  After all, she claims a Communications degree from the UW (And considering how little she actually does communicate with her constituency, there's a certain irony to that) so you'd think she'd be ideal as a GOP talking head.

The problem here is that while she's on the fly, her biggest problem is an innate ability to jam her foot in her mouth up to her ankle.

They keep her away from the cameras and the tough questions for a reason: she's the local version of Joe Biden and if you take her script away from her, she comes across like a blithering idiot with a spine made out of Jello.

In a time when we need courageous representation that communicates with us on a regular basis about the issue confronting us, when we need someone who'll take the lead on any number of the issues confronting us at both a national and local level, Herrera is nowhere to be found.

She's fooled enough people for now that she's safe.  Her inaction and decision to ignore her constituency regarding our overwhelming enmity towards the CRC rip off is countered by letters and vague press-releases she's had written, and even though she got her political face kicked in by the slimy mayor of the Vancouver Soviet, in the end, SHE did NOTHING of the many things she COULD have done to kill this project... forcing local elected officials including Sen. Ann Rivers, Rep. Liz Pike and others to do the heavy lifting that Ridgefield Barbie SHOULD have done with a 10-minute memo to House leadership.

Initially lied about by the democratian who wrongly portrayed her as a "young, family values conservative," the Camas Manikin has thrown the country under the bus by caving on the debt ceiling, and has thrown veterans under the bus with her vote to cut both veteran's retirement and veteran's disability... and morphed into what the daily democrat refers to as a "Republican moderate."  Her failure to take any meaningful actions in opposition to the rag's agenda has earned her their support... which, for many of us, is just another reason to oppose her.

She's unfit to hold office, and has far exceeded my expectations as to exactly how worthless she would be in office... because as low as the bar is set... and it's set pretty low... she comes nowhere near clearing it.

So, that would lead many to believe that I must support her opponent: Bob Dingethal.

If so, "many" would be wrong.

A paltry 323 days ago, I asked Dingethal what his positions concerning the CRC/loot rail scam, the repeal of the hated Obamacare, and where he was at on cutting veteran's retirement and disability.

Only 323 days.

And I'm not the only one.  Lew Waters has ALSO run into Dingethal's inexplicable failure to respond to our questions.

There's a certain irony to that, as well.

In the "issues" section on Dingethal's website, this section is there.  Like everything else he's babbling about on that page, it's full of glittering generalities that signify nothing.  No plan, no clue.

Doing right by our veterans today is doing the right thing for all of us tomorrow…Read More
*I'M*a Veteran.  How is ignoring us treating us with "honor and respect?"

In short, neither one of these two are worth a vote.  As a result, I will be voting for neither and giving Mickey Mouse the nod.

County, legislative and initiative/prop votes to come.

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