Sunday, July 06, 2014

Democratian's worship of leftist Herrera just one danger sign

Readers of any length are aware of my disdain for the cardboard cutout of a congresswoman "representing" the people of the 3rd Congressional District.

Lefty Lou's worship of that fake is but one of many reasons to despise this coward, who disdains open town hall meetings like she disdains alleged GOP tenets by voting to jack up out debt ceiling, cut veteran's disability retirements and lacking the guts to take the tough stand... all while doing absolutely nothing to kill the CRC which she COULD have easily done by cutting the federal money to this rip off... accomplishing nothing during her tenure EXCEPT to continue to use her sick infant daughter as a political prop while she makes people believe she actually opposes the loot rail scam.

She, of course, does not.  If she DID, she wouldn't have been in office for 7 years having accomplished nothing when it comes to killing the leprosy of Lefty Lou's favorite rip off.

Meanwhile, when the rag is so eager to keep a Republican in office that they'd lie about this waste of skin goes to the heart of the matter.

The lie is in the headline:

Herrera Beutler charts own course.

It's not surprising that the rag would lie about this empty suit.  When they "like" you, lying is just a matter of course for them.  When they "hate" you, the same thing applies... just in a different direction.

This same rag referred to this worthless turd of a congresswoman as a "young 'family values' conservative" when she lied her way to the appointment at the behest of Cathy McMorris through Marc Boldt back in 07... Only to refer to her as a "Republican moderate" today... Or what the rest of the party refers to as a RINO.

Herrera, of course, charts nothing save for what her puppet masters, McMorris and Bowman tell her to.  She governs by the occasional press release: refuses to comment on the issues pressing this country (Why is she keeping her mouth shut on border disaster?  Why isn't she doing something instead of voting to cut disabilities to disabled veterans?  Why isn't she working to resolve our cross-river transportation issues if she's all that?)

Since McMorris sent this witch back here to get the appointment in the 18th District back in later 2007, she has accomplished absolutely nothing except to fool people into believing that she HAS done something.

But there's a reason that she is one of the, if not the lowest rated by, among others, the Farm Bureau (33%) only 59% by the ACU and 60% by the Chamber.

There's a reason she's not a "talking head". There's a reason she crashed the White House Super Bowl Team function to get a selfie with Russell Wilson.

There's a reason she refuses to hold open town hall meetings.

And none of those reasons are good for the people of this district.

Meanwhile, it's unfortunate that no one of substance, regardless of party, stood up to run against her this year.  Pointing out her multiple, abysmal failures and piss-poor inability to put her parenting priorities ahead of her own, personal, self-aggrandized need to be a congresswoman instead of taking care of that baby... would have made it an interesting race.

Sadly, no one who could do the job has come close.  Dingethal is the same kind of coward as Herrera, failing to respond to policy questions for months which, of course, would not change if he were somehow elected.

And that's a shame.  I could have voted for him had he been possessed of the guts needed to buck his own party on the CRC/Loot Rail scam and the hideous infection of Obamacare.  But there's no way he would do that because, like Herrera, he's never had an original thought that didn't die of loneliness.

I admit there's more to representation than the fa├žade of governance that Herrera uses:  there's hard work, and taking a stand and actually listening to the people of your district.

Unfortunately, we're not possessed of either the congresswoman who engages in that (She used to have the rep of something of a "party girl" back in the day... and it seems that hasn't gone far enough away) or a candidate to replace her who would be any different.

If only.

If only we had a woman of strength... of courage... of vision to represent us.  There are others who actually are possessed of those attributes... it's just a shame we don't get to chose from them.

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