Sunday, July 06, 2014

Today's lie from the Columbian and Projected endorsements

If this is your mission, Greg, you fail at it with abysmal regularity:
Anyway, the point of this process — and no, it's not to boost our egos and confirm that we hold some position of importance — is to serve our readers. You see, The Columbian, like all newspapers across the country, considers it our mission to inform the public.
Your paper's jihad against those to the right of Mao doesn't "inform" the public.

Your paper's lies of omission (Where you deliberately leave facts out) or commission (Where you deliberately misstate a fact, meaning that your paper falsifies the news), exaggerations,  and personal animus like the Pit Yorkie's rants or Lefty Lou's jihad against the commissioners) removes you as a serious source of information for anyone genuinely concerned with the local political scene.

Throwing the candidates in front of a board of fringe-left nutters is hardly sporting, or fair given that this same newspaper once endorsed a clueless idiot merely because, as Lefty Lou wrote, "he wasn't Don Benton."

Your rag is so predictable it's almost beyond belief.  If I were a candidate, I'd take the Benton strategy and just ignore the editorial board since the outcomes are pre-ordained.

In fact, here are the projected endorsements for the primary... let's see how cloudy my crystal ball actually is.

(Bold is projected general election should they survive to the general)


Herrera and Dingethal

17th District

Harris and McClusky

18th District

Vick and Briggs

49th District

Moeller and Ross

Wylie and Dalesandro

Gardner and Atkins


Hanke and Piper

Yacolt Levy

Yes  (It's a tax.  Of course they'll be a yes.)

Clark County Emergency Medical Levy

Yes  (It's a tax.  Of course they'll be a yes.)

The endorsement list is small in the primary, since they apparently don't endorse in uncontested primaries.

Now, I can be as wrong as the next guy.  But the hatred that drives C3G2 also drives the rag... and they WILL endorse the most leftist candidates possible who actually have a chance of winning as they use it as a leftist political tool.

For example, there's little doubt that, at this point, the scum on the editorial board would endorse a convicted child molester over David Madore, all to the rabid applause of the C3G2 hate group.

And when you know that in advance... all the flowery bullshit that Jayne troweled out seems to just go into the lie bin:
So, after meeting with the candidates for a particular position, the five-member Editorial Board discusses our impressions of them — their positions on the issues, their ideas, their personalities, their ability to think on their feet. 
We then distill those thoughts into an editorial to share our thoughts for readers and make recommendations on how people should vote in the primary.
If only any of that garbage were true.

But we all know it to be a lie based on years of democratian deception.

And that's just sad.

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