Monday, October 27, 2014

My vote: Legislative

Area Legislators.

49th District:  Anybody but the democrats.

It is to our misfortune that Jim "Molehill" Moeller was elected to anything past 3rd grade hall monitor.

Best known legislatively for that idiotic "this is, this isn't" candy tax that was slaughtered at the polls statewide, and for suing his own constituents for passing the 2/3rd's tax increase vote requirement.

I DO give Molehill credit for pitbulling the CRC Scam.  Where I fault him is his arrogance and the fact that he shared John Laird's view of CRC Scam opponents as cockroaches.

There is no more arrogant, self-reverential putz in the legislature.  He's affixed his fangs to the taxpayer's jugular and sucks every nickel he can out of our veins in per diem.

He is the very model of the democrat mantra as expressed by democrat former Commissioner Steve Stuart:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
Just like every other elected democrat legislator around here.

The people are frequently meaningless impediments to the agenda of the left.  Even after the overwhelming vote in his own district against the CRC Scam, he made it clear he could care less what they thought.

How such narcissistic, non-responsive arrogance continues to get re-elected is beyond me.

Voting any democrat into a House seat just helps provide the Seattle neo-communists running the House with another vote for leadership and their effort to turn this state into the Washington Soviet... which is, of course, reason enough by itself to vote against them.

17th District: Wilson.

Of the three remaining candidates in these two House races, Wilson is the only one I would vote for.

Regardless of how Monica Stonier portrays herself, and the $430,000 dumped into her race by HER owners that the rag doesn't care about because, well, that's "different," Stonier represents another vote for the fringe-leftist whack jobs running the House.  As previously stated, that by itself is reason enough to vote against her.  The democratian's snit over how much and who funded Stewart aside, their complete and hypocritical lack of concern over Stonier's funding notwithstanding, voting Stonier back in is just voting another fringe-leftist CRC whiner back into office who has, locally, dedicated her political career to being a buttboy for the WEA and throwing grenades at any effort to address our cross-river transportation issues, not unlike Molehill's mission in life.

Wilson is the real deal, a genuine person and a conservative businesswoman to be respected and admired.

Paul Harris has done next to nothing to help her with Stonier.  He's given the King County GOP $5000 to help Cathy Dahlquist get rid of Sen. Pam Roach in a Republican on Republican race, and he has yet to help Wilson in any measurable way.

I will not support him because of his abandonment of Harris as he maneuvers himself to be the titular replacement for Don Benton should, as rumors persist, he resign at some point because Harris, falsely as it turns out, believes that he would be appointed in Benton's place.

He should have worked harder than Liz Pike to get Wilson elected.  And when needed, he was nowhere to be found.

18th District: Pike.

Rep. Liz Pike is going to be reelected, the only question is "will Liz break 60%"

Neither of the democrats should be allowed to represent a dog food vendor at Westminster.  Bully Loserham is a liar of essentially psychopathic proportion; a hypocrite of the highest order, attacking Liz for taking money from the same people that at least 30 House democrats have, including Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs is as much a fringe-left nutjob as his hero, Molehill Moeller.

Both could care less what the districts wants: both a OCD over the CRC Scam and could care less that the people of this district hate that project as much as either of these two clowns hate telling the truth.

Neither will respond to questions posed by prospective constituents, both are more than willing to bend us over for the unions and the WEA on McCleary, both are rabid charter supporters and both would kill their children, rhetorically speaking, to get a state income tax in screwing us would all be in a day's work.

Brandon Vick has proven himself to be utterly worthless, mailing it in since we were unfortunate enough for him to be elected.

Lazy, unconcerned and something of a liar himself, Vick, who failed to introduce a single piece of legislation for the entirety of his first year in office, thereby making him as useful as a brick, has made a big deal out of allegedly being on six committees, when he knows damned well that once session starts, he'll be lucky to have three... but oddly, he doesn't feel compelled to tell anyone that.

He's on these 6 committees... sorta... as a way to counter his sitting around for the entirety of his first year and doing nothing.  His claim that he's "never missed a vote" is as much a lie as it was when Jaime Herrera used it back when she was in the legislature.

Computers don't care who pushes the button as long as the button was getting pushed.

Vick isn't fit to be elected dog catcher: they don't call him Lumpy up there for nothin'.

Liz Pike has earned our respect and admiration.  She's a fighter and unlike the other 3, isn't afraid to mix it up.  She fought the CRC for months and Vick, being Vick, was nowhere to be found in that fight: too easy to let others do the fighting for us, and besides, don't want to piss off the democratian, right, Lumpy?

Pike has fought for the people on a long and hard basis.  She will continue to do that much like Lumpy will continue to mail it in.  She has worked VERY hard to help Lynda Wilson get elected (Unlike either Vick OR Harris) in addition to running her own campaign and dealing with the major injuries sustained by her own Legislative Assistant, Garrett Delano.

The current incumbents in the 14th and the 20th are all going to be re-elected.

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