Monday, October 27, 2014

If you thought C3G2 was the only leftist hate site, you'd be wrong: More democrat bigotry, this time in Federal Way.

A Republican candidate for state Senate in Washington was slammed for his Catholic views in an anonymous flyer that says he "has always worn his church on his sleeve" and has best represented the people of "the Vatican."

Leftists, just like the scum in the C3G2 put this garbage out in opposition to GOP Senate candidate Mark Miloscia in Federal Way.

This is the kind of filth local leftists rely on with their religious bigotry as a part of their attacks against David Madore.

This is the kind of thing they do.

Remember this when this kind of scum tell you how much the Charter does for you... instead of telling you what it's going to do TO you.

When fringe-leftist nutter Joel Connelly calls you out for your ad, you know you've gone over the line.
"The bigoted anti-Catholic posting has been deleted. Still, it ranks as the nastiest single attack of Washington’s 2014 campaign. Whatever the intent of site authors, they’ve bolstered Miloscia’s argument that the Democratic Party no longer welcomes someone who is socially conservative."
On C3G2, they call that "Monday."

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Lew Waters said...

In 960 Democrats opposed Kennedy in the Primaries because he was a Catholic.

All of these years later and it look like they are still anti-Catholic