Sunday, August 31, 2014

Looks like the early results are in: Gardner's money has dried up.

Here we are on August 31st, and for the entire month of August, Shane Gardner has raised $200 from 4 donors... all related to each other.


Was it the abysmal results of the election?  Was it the reveals that Gardner is a badge-happy jerk?  Was it his narcissism of walking around in his SWAT Team uniform, campaigning?  Was it moving towards confirmation that he's running to be the Clark County Social Worker instead of the Clark County Sheriff?


This is the worst fundraising month for anyone who's made it to the general here locally.  Abysmal doesn't seem to cover it.

I'm not saying that Chuck should be measuring for the drapes just yet... but he should be looking at color swatches.

Meanwhile, the Shane train looks like it ain't leaving the station.  And while that might upset his leftist buddies... well, this entire election is going to suck for them no matter what.

Just sayin'.

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