Monday, September 01, 2014

Two Liars of a kind: Molehill Moeller and Hater Eddie Rutledge.

The McCleary decision is in the news again today.  As previously written here, this Court can no more force the legislature to legislate than the legislature can force the Court to rule in a certain way.  The whining, sniveling and gnashing of teeth is just more fringe-leftist eye-wash.

Two fringe-left nutjobs have to weigh in: Hater Eddie Rutledge, a bitter old man who spends most waking hours sniveling over on the C3G2 hate site and Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller, living proof that any idiot can get elected to anything.
  • Ed Ruttledge · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
    Local Repubs will tell us we can fund the McCleary order AND build a whole new commuter bridge across the Columbia all with no tolls, no fees and no new taxes.

    Crooks and liars.
  • The legislature cannot fund the McCleary decision without raising taxes - on someone. Despite the imaginations of my Republican friends 3-4 BILLION dollars cannot be found in the seat cushions or gleaned from transportation "reforms" as they are not funding streams that can be counted on in the future. For every increase by 1 cent in the sales tax the legislature raises about 1 billion dollars - it's not hard to do the math. The Washington Budget and Policy Center also has some ideas about funding I think it's time to go beyond the slogans and sound bites and address the problem NOW instead of kicking the can down the road.
Everything Rutledge does is driven by his partisan hatred.  His rabid hatred of David Madore and his rabid support of the Charter scam is driven by his partisanship, and not by anything based on what's best for this community.  His fellow leftist can lie like a rug, and frequently do, and how often does this scumbag hold them accountable?  Why do I even bother to ask?

Molehill's whining about the unnecessary "funding of McCleary" is based entirely on his neo-communist tendencies to want to increase taxes on everything (Well, except for newspapers... he's voted to CUT their B&O taxes) because like any other junkie (And this guy has his fangs stuck firmly in the taxpayer's neck by screwing us for thousands in wasted per diem every year, for example) no amount of his favorite drug, money, is nearly enough.

I think it's time to go beyond ultra-socialist slogans and sound bites from elected officials who want to rape this community like Moeller and tell the Supreme Court to get bent instead of failing to tell them to drop dead down the road.

Moeller, of course, is as owned by the WEA and the other unions as much as if the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.  He's going to be the KING of fringe-left slogans and sound bites in bending us over to address a non-existent problem as he rolls over to screw the people of this state blind.

He's at least as right about this as  he was right in his incessant yammering over the CRC/Loot Rail scam being unstoppable.

When the scum behind I-502 ran their complete lie of a campaign they promised us voters that if we would just pass their drug-induced fantasy, the state would realize $500 million plus per year in revenue.

While I knew that was a lie on par with Tim "The Liar" Leavitt declaring he was opposed to taxes on the CRC Scam, the fact is that I would suggest that whatever those monies are, they should be used for education purposes.

582 million in new revenue
From the I-502 campaign website
I would also suggest that legislators revisit I-502 and require either that $48.5 million in revenue per month be realized, or that the initiative be thrown out.  These morons want to smoke their brains out?


But tell the truth as a part of the process.

Remember Rule One:  If you have to lie to be elected, get your project built or get your initiative passed?

Then you shouldn't BE elected; you shouldn't GET your project built and your initiative shouldn't BE passed.

As always, the Supreme Court has no right or ability to determine what is or what isn't "ample provision."  That is a legislative function.  Legislators are immune and cannot be jailed or fined for failing to legislate to the Court's satisfaction, any more than the Court can be jailed or fined for failing to rule to the legislature's satisfaction.

Leftists, of course, say just the opposite: their greed and desire to rape us with ever-higher taxes so they can expand the bloat of government and the size of public employee unions knows no bounds.

But none of this is based on the law.  And if the legislature blinks on this, then we may as well get rid of the legislature all-together, since the court will be claiming they can legislate by judicial fiat, which is, of course, utter nonsense.

Just like the babble of these two fringe left hatters.

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