Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is it any suprise that a per diem leach like Molehill thinks he can justify the latest theft from the taxpayers?

Readers know that I oppose the increase of per diem for the Senators.

Jim Moeller's alter-ego on screwing the taxpayers to increase perdiem.
It's unjustified, and the biggest local moron, Cleveland, actually thinks that, apparently, this $30 per day jack... which is 149 members of the legislature times $30 or another almost half million more in expense money per long session... will get more regular people to run.

Sen. Annette Cleveland,      D-Vancouver, had a different take. The point of a citizen legislature, she said, is to allow regular people to run for elected office.
“When there aren’t resources allowed for everyday people, like moms, wives and everyday people like myself to serve, it only leaves those who are wealthy or have the means to devote their own resources,” she said, adding that defeats the purpose of having a citizen legislature.
Living in Vancouver and relocating to Olympia during the legislative session can be costly, Cleveland said.
Gee.  We had no idea.  Maybe clowns like you should have thought of that before you took the job.

Because having slime like you steal billions out of our wallets for your pet projects can be costly as well, but that doesn't bother you in the least.

Meanwhile, along comes Jim "Molehill" Moeller who, effectively, steals per diem by keeping an apartment up in Olympia when no one else does and when he's not needed up there since his position as Speaker-Pro-Tem is only ceremonial and has precisely zero leadership role.  He justifies it by falsely claiming that "without a per diem, I can't afford to continue to be a legislator."

We should all be so lucky.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ann Rivers expressed outrage at this kind of stupidity, typical of democrats of Moeller's ilk, would actually go on in a GOP controlled committee.  When one of the fringe-left nutters who knows as much about this issue as he does an abdominal resection, tried to defend this democrat stupidity by claiming that Sen. Rivers was being a "touch melodramatic," Sen. Rivers responded thusly:
Ann Rivers · Works at Washington State Senate
Mr. Green - If it were only $30.00 I don't think I'd sweat it. Doing the math, however, reveals that for a regular biennial session (not including any special sessions) the number is nearly three quarters of a million dollars. I know the cuts we have made in the budget and what we are delaying funding - that's why this move is so upsetting.

Naturally, the democrat with his fangs buried the furthest into the taxpayer jugular, and who supports this theft, had to chime in:
Jim Moeller · Top Commenter · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington ·Ann; Doing the math... the total for the Senate is an additional $244,020 considering that every member takes the entire amount over a biennial session (105 and 60 days). The House is an additional $485,100, again considering every member takes the entire amount over a biennial session. The combination is $729,120 or a little over 3/4's of a million dollars over a 2 year period.
Not a whole lot in the bigger picture of things and considering that the federal rate for Olympia is $150 - or $30 more! I was unaware that the Senate had a committee and actually voted on the increase. The Chief Clerk in the House simply issued her decision regarding the per diem rate.
There are really so many things this arrogant putz doesn't know... and this is just another example of that.  And how someone who's a career politician and who DIDN'T know about the Senate F&O committee after spending several horrific (for us) years in the legislature just goes to how low the d's have set the bar.  Think of an Obama-lite.

It takes a real neo-communist slimeball to view 3/4's of a million dollars as "not a whole lot" in the bigger picture of things.  That may be why he implemented that idiotic, crushed-at-the-polls-statewide what-is-what-isn't-candy tax.

There's no excuse or justification for any of this, and that includes the stupidity of Molehill who makes bank off per diem when he's wasting the taxpayers dollars by the thousands as a result. If molehill believes the federal rate means a damned thing here, then he should just get his ass over to working for the feds... and then explain why he doesn't give a damn about the legislative assistants who know all make $110 LESS than the same federal rate he's sniveling about.

Clearly, the scum supporting this only care about themselves.

But considering how much this clown has raped our wallets already, and how much more he wants to do so, can any of this be surprising?

So, once again: let me extend to you the idea that each and every one of you who believe the pay, benefits or allowances of being a legislator are simply too low to bear?

Then quit.  You won't be missed.  And your absence will just be that much cheaper.

And next time you poor mouth, Molehill, remember your vacation to Spain.


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