Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More stupidity from local democrats.

The hatred of anyone to the right of Greg Kimsey on the part of the left is pretty obvious.  And when hatred drives your political positions, you're likely to come across as a blithering idiot.

I've seen s great many versions of this particular stupidity:

Best choice: Dems should forward ONLY Don Benton's name -- forcing him to give up his sweet-deal double-dipping.
Many times, the ignorant among them have wasted ascii spewing this.

Of course, Benton's name could NOT be forwarded... under ANY circumstance... since he doesn't live in Stuart's commissioner district.

Which just tends to support the idea that you really do have to be a moron to be a leftist.  But their hatred keeps driving this kind of thing.  It's a sickness with them.  The disease of "Butthurt."

"Butthurt" over losing their control over the commission.

"Butthurt" over getting their asses kicked on the CRC Scam.

And "Butthurt" over the appointment of Don Benton to CES.  God how it must suck to be them... to wake up, every day, look in the mirror, and peer into the eyes of irrelevance.

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