Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lefty Lou goes full retard on the commissioner appointment/election.

Look, we get that Lefty Lou is a fringe-left moron with delusions of some grasp of politics.  We get that he lies by omission or co-mission to get what he wants.

But THIS idiocy?

As he typically (and usually, quite wrongfully) does, Lefty confuses what he wants, hopes and dreams for with what any of the rest of us want.

And he's as wrong in today's babble as he was over the CRC Scam.

Starting with a lie: "Pridemore... has the best chance in November."

1. Neither he nor any other democrat stands a chance in November. 

The cancerous taint of their slavish devotion to the CRC Scam, combined with their playground inability to get past it along with the general Obamacare-inspired malaise kills the deal for Pridemore or any other fringe-leftist.

"Here's the scenario that gets them there:"

2.  Except it's not going to be Pridemore.

Here's the scenario that doesn't: Pridemore won't get the appointment.  That kills everything after Lefty's babble above. 

Further, that Lefty has to lie over Stuart's abandonment of his constituency?  That goes to the heart of his self-disillusionment.

Stuart left for one of two reasons: 1.  Either he's the pussy that Lefty makes him out to be and he can't take what he made Mielke go through for four years... or 2. (And by far the most likely) he read the same tealeaves that the rest of us have and they came up a combination of "Marc Boldt/Joe Tanner."

Of course, he would never admit it in a million years, but having come close to losing last time, he recognizes that neither he, not any other democrat has a chance to win this time.

Lefty knows that.  But as a liar with a proven record of pure, Baghdad Bob propaganda for the CRC Scam generally and democrats particularly, repeating the lie that Stuart is a complete wuss and that he couldn't handle being on the wrong end of a 2 to 1 vote all the time and THAT'S why he bailed on his constituents is second nature to Lefty.
3. It very well could be Barnes because he's a blithering idiot and he would be an embarrassment to the dems.

Since choosing a dem is required here, you want to get the most asinine, buffoonish moron you can pick: Barnes is that guy, since Pollard isn't going for the gig.

That Lefty salivates at the idea that Pridemore get the gig, by itself, is reason enough to ignore the Butthurt One's prognostications.  After all, since Lefty and his new pit yorkie had a cow over getting busted for trying to rape us over official notices, does he really believe that he holds any sway on the 6th floor of the County Building? 

4.  Columbian slobbering is a net negative for democrats county-wide.  When he writes:
Regardless of who is chosen, come November the seat will come up for election. And whoever is appointed has an advantage in the race. That’s because the news coverage that elected officials get is free “advertising” to them.
It’s been estimated it could be worth between $50,000 and $100,000.
As far as it goes, he's right.  In this instance, the slavish, delusional devotion to the democrat will be worth between $50,000 and $100,000... to the Republican running against whoever is appointed.

Lefty either doesn't know, or refuses to admit, how toxic his cancerous rag really is around the county.

After all, how much was the rag's support worth to Boldt or Tanner in the last election?  Whatever that was (And how quickly Lefty forgets the disaster for him that was THAT race) is what it's going to be worth this time around.  And considering the slobbering devotion to the hated CRC of any democrat?

The left could spend millions on this race and they'd still lose.
5. Barack Obama couldn't win a commissioner race here... and Lefty Lou helps the GOP with every column.

Exclusive of the fact that given his neo-communist actions in the White House, he couldn't win for dog catcher ANYWHERE, Lefty has never really looked at the precinct map on the light rail advisory vote.  He refuses to acknowledge it, doesn't give a damn that we hate his cherished program and that he looks like... and HAS looked like, a blithering idiot on this Scam since it started.

Lefty is exactly as right on this scenario as he was on the CRC Scam.  And how'd that turn out for him?
6. Lefty Lou is a delusional leftist nutjob.

He can't delineate between what WILL happen from what he WANTS to happen.  All of this is Lefty's fantasy league.  And the players he's stuck with are all losers, easy to tie the CRC Anchor around their necks and then to toss off the I-5 Bridge.

And that's just sad.  It's sad that we have a die-hard fringe-leftist running the local rag; it's sad that he typically writes based on hatred alone, and it's sad that he frequently babbles without having a clue about what he's talking about.

And our community suffers for it.

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