Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Annette Cleveland jumps face first into the moron zone.

Leave it to the greed of the democrats for their own personal enrichment to say something incredibly stupid like this over the brouhaha of the extra half million they'll be stealing from us for per diem... retroactively, of course:
Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, had a different take. The point of a citizen legislature, she said, is to allow regular people to run for elected office.
“When there aren’t resources allowed for everyday people, like moms, wives and everyday people like myself to serve, it only leaves those who are wealthy or have the means to devote their own resources,” she said, adding that defeats the purpose of having a citizen legislature.
Living in Vancouver and relocating to Olympia during the legislative session can be costly, Cleveland said.
Notice how these seems to have the same tenor and timbre of the lies she'd trot out for the CRC Scam?

Here's the thing: In the 20-odd years, I have NEVER heard ANYONE say something to the effect of, "well, hell.  I'd run if I could only get another $30 a day in per diem."

Cleveland, who proved herself to be one of the dimmer bulbs on the tree with her slavish, moronic and unjustifiable support of the CRC Scam, fails to understand that the purpose of per diem isn't to make up for lost income (Except for a scumbag like Jim Moeller, who sucks that teat until it bleeds)  It's to help reimburse you for living expenses you incur.  And now, during session, you and your ilk are going to be bending the taxpayers over for $3600 per month.  And there's no excuse for that garbage... at all.

In fact, it's actually frightening that the people of the 49th District could elect someone of such low intelligence and obvious greed.

The point of per diem is to reimburse you for living expenses.  Clearly, District legislative assistants manage to live in Olympia on 1/3rd of the per diem the senators gave themselves today, and arrogant putzes like Cleveland stupidly thing that her excuse concerning who would now run for the job was adequate to justify this stupidity.  

When it comes right down to it, the first 5 years and most of the 6th I was a legislative assistant, I didn't get a penny to offset my costs of " in Vancouver and relocating to Olympia during the legislative session."  I managed somehow... and nobody forced me.

Here's the thing, idiot stick: if you or any of your colleagues don't like the pay, benefits or reimbursement to live up there,,, then feel free to resign.

It's bad enough that you view tax revenue as your own personal check book and that you'd screw us so you can make tax free bank off of per diem... but to lie about it like this?

You're just as stupid about this issue as you are about light rail.

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