Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The little things tell a lot about a campaign: Is Dingethal even going through the motions?

As I reported the other day, democrats seem to be slamming their wallets shut in droves when it comes to Bob, since he has yet to break the $10,000 barrier in his fund raising effort: and here's a hint - You should have a lot more money, Bob... a LOT more money... when the one you're running against has over 100 times more than you.

And a few minutes ago, I was over at his web site, looking at his campaign blog...

... and I noticed his last entry was almost 3 months ago (January 1) with 3 entries total.

It's sad in a way.  I get that he can't afford a real staff, and a social media director is out of the question when you can't afford to buy pizza.

But I was hoping that Herrera would be running against someone who could, perhaps, hold her accountable for her lackadaisical performance as our congresscritter.

And maybe, some day, someone will.  But it's pretty clear it ain't gonna be Bob.

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