Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not to be outdone, Local democrats become textbook hypocrites.

No one should be surprised that Sen. Ann Rivers is refusing the increase in per diem.

Nor should anyone be surprised when the fringe-leftists become rank hypocrites over it:
  • Ann Rivers · Works at Washington State Senate
    I am deeply disheartened to hear that the Senate F&O committee voted a 33% increase in per diem. I consider this to be hypocritical when we can't even afford to pay cost of living allowances to our teachers and other public servants. I WILL NOT be taking the additional per diem.
    • Ed Ruttledge · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
      "Republican Sen. Don Benton, the committee’s chairman, casting the deciding vote in support..."

      The GOP is a bunch of self-serving duplicitous wind bags. Your attempt to distance yourself from your political buddies FAILS.
So.  Three DEMOCRATS provide the vote for this along with one Republican, and in the eyes of this fringe-left whack job, it's the GOP who are the "self-serving duplicitous wind bags?"

That takes a special kind of playground-bully hatred.

It's the face of the unusual political bigotry where while his fellow travelers voted this idiocy in, Sen. Rivers and the GOP are ENTIRELY at fault.

What a sad, pathetic man.  Maybe she'll invite you to her re-election celebration.

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