Sunday, August 31, 2014

Update on the Hillsboro Hops! League Champions!

The Hops are formerly the Yakima Bears... who we successfully stopped from becoming a Steve Stuart/Tim "The Liar" Leavitt/Bob Knight scam to plant a ballpark in the worst possible location for the community, but the best location for the downtown mafia.

The crux of the matter was the combination of forcing the people of Clark County to pay for their ballpark scam by taxing movie tickets, amphitheater tickets and even taxing admissions to play golf.

www.hillsborohops.comAdd that to the massively overpriced facility the Scammers and the Lazy C foamed at the mouth over (Hillsboro built a facility that would hold 1500 more people for, if memory serves, $5 million less.) and the fact that Hillsboro got this built without raising taxes, period, and, well, those small town hicks sure showed us in the Big City what COULD be done, didn't they?

That's led to our family becoming rabid Hillsboro Hops fans... and attending many games this season, and becoming season ticket holders NEXT season... because THIS season, the Hops won BOTH halves of the season championship, meaning they were both the best team for the first half, AND the best team for the second half!

I urge you to go to a Hops game: tickets are cheap (Nothing more expensive than $16 with $5 parking) the facility is great, kids are welcome and there's activities between innings aimed entirely at kids!

So, congratulations to the Hops and to the city of Hillsboro who had the vision and the know-how to make this happen without screwing the people of their community... an apparently unmanageable feat that was simply beyond the capabilities of either Leave-it or Stuart.


And, by the way?

Any ballpark built should be built at the fairgrounds, AND it should be self-sustaining.

You know, like Hillsboro's Stadium?

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