Sunday, August 31, 2014

PoliSci 101 for Greg Jayne: the three stooges from C3G2 make an appearance.

Clearly, the democratian campaign against Liz Pike has started.

Since her opponent, Maureen "Bully" Winningham has a personality... and a mind set... of a snake, the Lazy C's pro-Winningham shtick will likely have the same impact as their pro-Boldt, Pro-Tanner shtick.


But here was my take away from Greg's latest screed:

Liz Pike answered the question.  You folks just didn't happen to like it the answer she provided.

Funding education first means that things like state employee wages and benefits, which are, for the most part, far higher than they should be, can be held hostage instead of our kids.

Funding education first means that the legislature is, in fact, doing their paramount duty as delineated in the state constitution.

Funding education first provides them with fuel for the engine that can tell the Supreme Court to drop dead, much the same way the Supreme Court told the legislature to do the same.

The answer COULD have been a bit more simplistic so that even the dull-normal dullards of the left could have understood it.  But the answer was there... even if you didn't happen to like it... Greg.

My take away from Liz Pike's response was this: we fund education first and the increases in sales tax revenue will make up for any reallocation need for the rest.  After all, didn't the pot heads behind I-502, an initiative rabidly supported by our own Lazy neo-communist rag promise an additional billion dollars per biennium in tax revenue if it were passed?  We can just use THAT money... right?

That you, Greg, were too dense or ignorant to figure it out isn't our problem.

Nor is the fact that you use hundreds of words to pummel Pike (After all, as a strong opponent to the CRC Scam, if she could have cured Ebola with a cookie recipe, you'd STILL come after her because you didn't like the style of cookie sheet she preferred. ) while only provide passing mention... once... of Bully's failure to address the issue either.

Naturally, this provided some red meat to those who's partisan hatred drives them to want to rape our current system of county government.

  • Ben Grobe-Heintz ·  Top Commenter · California Polytechnic State University
    Pike is a jackal. To her, conservatism just means looking at what the other side is saying, and saying the opposite thing. Legislators like her are the reason the republican party can find no direction home.

  • Michele Wollert ·  Top Commenter
    We have been having an extended and rousing discussion on our C3G2 page on what is good/bad governance. Clearly for me, spinning, obfuscating and avoiding direct answers is an insult to informed citizens and the antithesis of good governance. You made excellent points in this column today and I am sharing it in the hopes it generates more discussion. We need to face this problem head on and demand more from our elected representatives. Thank you for persisting with your questions, Greg. Someone has to and journalists are in the best position to have access to these folks when the general public does not.

  • Ed Ruttledge ·  Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
    Crooks and liars.

This is the kind of partisan hatred driving the Charter campaign that these same 3 people are so rabidly favoring.

It's what they do.  It's who they are.

I'm sorry they lack the intelligence to figure it out.  I had no problem "getting" it.  It's just such a shame that they do.

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