Saturday, August 30, 2014

A pathetic Mike Briggs fail: The ALS challenge ain't ABOUT you, moron.

It take a genuine fringe-left low-life to engage in this kind of stupidity.

Not the ice-bucket challenge... but the idea that he's only doing it to make political points, since the acronym "ALS" never left his ignorant pie hole.

Of special note was this moron's challenge to Camas Mayor Scott  Higgins.

"Mayor Scott 'You know you can't win, Mike' Higgins."

Well guess what, dillwad.  Scott was right.  You have no chance, you've never HAD a chance.

It takes a unique kind of arrogance to be a fringe-left nut job.  It takes a special kind of ego, a special kind of narcissism.And it takes a REALLY special kind of idiocy to take an issue like this and make political points out of a tragedy like this.

And that's all Mike Briggs brings to the table.

When he's crushed in November, along with the Wicked Witch of East Clark County, I'm going to be there.

And as much as I dislike Brandon Vick's abysmal failure of representation, Briggs is to be despised even more.

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