Saturday, August 30, 2014

More hatred from the C3G2 scum: this time, Liz Pike is the target.

As  a fringe-left democrat front, the hatred radiating from the C3G2 hate site continues unabated towards anyone to the right of their hero, Chairman Mao.

These response of the C3G2 scum to this letter in the democratian supporting our Liz is but another of the many examples.
Ben Grobe-Heintz · Top Commenter · California Polytechnic State University
Too bad I've been screwed proper by every realtor I've had dealings with. If Pike weren't already in the lowest notch I have available, I would take her down one or two after reading this LTTE.  Reply · Like

Lorretta Thomas · Top Commenter
Lets see... you say Pike is 'selflessly devoted'. Is that right? Then, why does Pike want to cut minimum wage for those who already earn the very least in our society? Sorry, but that doesn't sound all that 'selfless', imo. Reply · Like
These are the leftistists infesting the hate site, C3G2.

These are the scum working so hard to have the left take control of the county commission.  These are among the low lifes trying to ram this Charter scam down our throats.

If they told me it was daylight out, I'd have to check for myself.

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