Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gee, what a surprise: Russia invades Ukraine?

Unfortunately for the United States, this is what you get when you have a clueless military-hating coward running the show.

Russia invading Ukraine was a foregone conclusion: I predicted as much before the Olympics was over.  For me, the only surprise was that Putin waited this long; I expected it within the week after the Olympics had ended, meaning that even Putin overestimated Obama.

I expect that this gradualism Putin is exhibiting will soon be replaced by a full-fledged, Georgia-style invasion.

Obama won't do anything about it; NATO reliance on Russia for natural gas means they won't do anything about it.  For strategic purposes, we should likely write off the Ukraine.

In fact, it's likely that we'll soon see some version of the rebirth of the Warsaw Pact countries.

And all of that will be laid at the feet on that empty-suited, Anti-American racist bigot in the White House who enabled it.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues to rampage, since they've got precisely zero reason not to.  And he should have flattened them early on.

This idiot's incompetence is simply beyond belief.

What we SHOULD do?

End the military draw down.  Stop using the DoD as the whipping boy for every moronic social program this neo-communist little worm likes.

Dust off the draft.  End the exclusion of women from the draft.

(There's a price to pay for that so-called equality, and it's about time women started paying it.)

Put troops back on the ground.  Admit that our withdrawal from iraq was as stupid and short-sighted as I and so many others said it was.  Hunt down ISIS wherever they may7 be.

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Unknown said...

when do you forsee the Russians or the Chinese attacking America, Lew? - eventually it's gonna happen because we've let our guard down so far that our enemies think we're "easier" now than we've ever been...