Friday, August 29, 2014

MY "call for immigration reform."

I join with the increased cacophony of and for a demand for immigration reform.

Just not quite the same way as the fringe-left nitjobs who see borders as a minor to non-existent annoyance to be ignored at whim.

My approach is comprehensive and far reaching.

My approach involves all illegals, regardless of race, national origin, religion or sexual preference.

My approach will not require any so-called "round up" with "mass deportations."

And my approach will get the job done.

In no particular order of importance:

First, inculcate the bureaucracy with the concept that no one not a citizen of the United States has any "right" to be here.

Second, require proof of citizenship to receive any government service, license of any kind, education of any kind and/or job of any kind.  This nonsense that "teachers are not immigration officials," for example, has to stop.  Don't like checking immigration status?  Then quit your job, because I'm sick of people who work for us via government facilitating, aiding and abetting the illegal alien resort destination this country has become.

Third, make illegal alien ownership of property, defined to include real estate, motor vehicles, businesses and the like illegal, subject to seizure/forfeiture not unlike drug related property is today. 

Fourth, subject those hiring illegal aliens for any purpose to the same penalties, including imprisonment, as those who sell drugs or engage in slavery in this country face.

Fifth, permanently deny any pathway to legalization or citizenship to anyone here illegally, regardless of reason or method.

Sixth, deny illegals any social services of any kind.

Seventh, provide transportation back to their home countries of any illegal alien who requests said transportation.

Eighth, build, man and maintain border fences for both Canada and Mexico.  "Good fences make good neighbors."

Ninth, remember that the hue and cry over the "separating families" canard is based not on the laws or enforcement of the laws of the United States, but instead are a result of the thought processes used by the illegal aliens that are impacted by their own decisions.

Tenth, expand USICS (Immigration and Naturalization) to speed up legal immigration, with a preference given to those around the world who have demonstrated their commitment to our laws by waiting their turn and going through the process, recognizing that the accident of proximity should not confer advantages to those wishing to immigrate legally.  It should not take 10 years to come here if you choose to do so legally.

Eleventh, file articles of impeachment against the president on November 5th.

I believe these steps will go a long way towards self-deportation, towards reallocation of funding to citizens and to increasing/enhancing security of the United States.

Let me reiterate: I do not care what your color is.  This is the year 2014 and our security, both strategic and financial as a country, demand that we take these steps as a matter of national security and survival.

Take these steps, end the concept of illegal aliens viewing this country as a resort destination and the illegal alien problem would effectively disappear.  Act as if illegal aliens aren't anything but a democrat party recruitment tool... and you get what we've got now.

And it's a matter of time until our non-existent border security results in dead Americans.

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