Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mussolini Mikey: making it hard to vote for a union lackey.

Look, I've made it clear that Brandon Vick's effort to reach new lows in achieving the distribution of legislative favors-for-food, that I'd likely even vote for him.

But how can anyone vote for a union toady?  How can anyone vote for a fringe-left clown who makes it clear that he'll put union special interests ahead of the people?


Aren't you SUPPOSED to be "fighting" for "US?"

This self-imposed acknowledgement of what we already knew: namely that these fringe-leftist whack jobs generally and this neo-communist in particular are owned by the unions is something well-known by anyone following politics at any level.

Nut to be stupid enough to admit it?  That's LEGENDARY stupid.

Here's the memo, Musso:  You are not going to GET elected... so you will never be "fighting" for ANYONE.

Those who are privileged to be elected to office are there and have but one purpose in life: to fight for the PEOPLE... and NOT the scum who own you.

Yes, we know who owns you.  But it takes a special kind of stupid to make a big deal out of a union (which serve as a democrat front) endorsing a rabid fringe-left nutburger like you.

Thanks for clarifying where your true loyalty actually lay.

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