Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scum in the C3G2 hate group upset that Sen. Ann Rivers was nominated for "Statesman of the Year" by the Chamber.

As proven repeatedly, the hate group at the laughingly named "Clark County Fringe-Left Nutjobs for Good Governance" have peed their panties because Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers was one of four nominees named for this position, along with C3G2 fellow fringe-left whack jobs Ed Barnes, Annette "Yeah I lied that I had the votes" Cleveland and Nan "Whatever the fringe-left wants in their coup attempt" Henriksen were also nominated.

Of course these leftists are going to be pissed: let's remember, this democrat front has nothing to do with "good governance," no hate site ever does.  And if there was ever any question that political hatred was driving their playground bullshit, this kind of garbage should put that to rest forever:

First of all, here we have yet another example of where these scum would demand of a woman elected to represent the people that she should ignore them.

The people, not only of her district but this entire county have repeatedly made it clear that Harry Smith's idea, illustrated in his moronic comment, that we as a community should be raped for the false and delusional cause of "financial opportunity for the State of Washington" You know, the state that was going to screw us for 45 years of ever-increasing tolls to get light rail into Clark County?  THAT State?)  WAS NOT WANTED.

It takes genuine neo-communists to completely disregard the will of the people so systemically.

And when both Pridemore and their precious Charter are crushed in a couple of months, they're going to find out up close and personal how hated their positions are... much like they personally hate those wise enough to oppose them.

I personally believe that all of those so "disgusted" would be better served if they would protest the nomination by hanging themselves.

All in the name of "good governance," of course.

Meanwhile, the downtown mafia are highly unlikely to award Ann, by far the most deserving nominee, this award.

The hatred exhibited by Barnes and Cleveland will certainly be attractive to them, as will the perfidy in helping these slime attempt to overturn the November 2012 election exhibited by Henricksen.  Since all concerned want the Charter so badly, it presents a golden opportunity for straight-faced earned media for that county-molesting effort.  But none of those 3 have come close to working harder and suffering more at the hands of the leftist scum like those on the C3G2 hate group to actually do her job in representing the will of the people than Ann Rivers.

A concept simply beyond these lowlife infesting us here.

But when hatred is your meme, like it is theirs...

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Lew Waters said...

And they wonder why they're labeled a hate site.