Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More rank hypocrisy by the Lazy C.

One thing you can count on by the fringe-left rag: the situational ethics of the democratian reek as much as a Comintern meeting.

The democratian, which was WILD about the gerrymandering of the CTran district, which was designed to exclude "rural "no" votes from stopping CTran levies, seems equally wild about gerrymandering areas in violation of state law based on race so that RACES will get "representation" in government, instead of just, plan, people, regardless of race or gender or any other factor.

A brief history lesson:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here's a look at the part of the county that Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart, Tim Leave-it are excluding from the CTran votes.

The gray area is excluded.  The CTran rip off district to the areas circled in red is one street wide.  Every retail center in the county is included.  Every tax increase for those of us in the grey area: rammed down our throats without any say.

Everyone else is cut out.  Silenced.  Ignored.  And the Irony is that Marc Boldt won't be allowed to vote on the tax increase, either... since he lives in the area that won't be allowed to vote.

So, there you have it.

Only about a quarter of the land area is included.  The rest of us, because we don't support Boldt's tax agenda, are excluded based on a motion HE made to cut us out and guarantee our silence.

Is it any wonder Boldt finds the idea of a county-wide vote to be ridiculous, given his well-established effort to disenfranchise tens of thousands of us on a tax he wants, a tax we all have to pay, and a tax that, thanks to Boldt's efforts, we have no say over?

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