Friday, June 20, 2014

Peggy Owens drops by to reconfirm it's ignorance.

Peggy, never the brightest bulb on the tree, babbled thus concerning the rank, reeking hypocrisy of the Clark County Democrats for undoing the 23012 Election" site
"Clark County Democrats" might give you a clue that this site is about local politics, moron."
Peggy, ever the asshole baby, was spewing his usual envious brand of hatred on an article about a DEMOCRAT getting picked like someone down here did... TWO HUNDRED MILES AWAY. (Mukilteo, to be precise.)

Peggy hasn't been quite the same since I caved his ass in on the ballpark scam.  Never really got over it, in fact.  And when his boyfriend, Mussolini Mikey Briggs gets HIS ass kicked in this cycle, we'll have to put him on suicide watch.

I get that as one of the fringe-left scum who hang out over there, that Peggy doesn't like to get called out for his hypocrisy, not to mention that of the other scum on that site.

But a small town roughly 200 miles north of the river is NOT "local."


At the end of the day, these fringe-left haters don't talk about anything outside their hatred of Madore, Mielke and Benton.  That's what this exists for; that's why their name is a lie, and that's why they shrug off any responsibility for, as they always do, giving their fellow fringe-leftists a pass.

"Governance" is not, of course, a local term.  "Governance" does not stop at the county borders.  But then, these slime have never been about the truth, so it's business as usual for them.

And Peggy?

Confirming your idiocy isn't "winning."  As much as it sucks to be you (And it does) getting crushed here, time after time after time does get just a bit boring after awhile.

By the way, Peg?

Going to Hillsboro to watch the Hops tomorrow (Sunday.)  You know, the team that I helped to keep from coming here?  The one you assured me WAS coming and that there was "nothing (I) could do about it?"

THAT team?

I'll be thinking about you, a little while I'm there.  I might even ride light rail to get there... you know, that other thing you were so hot for that ain't happening over here? 

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