Friday, June 20, 2014

Local democrat hypocrites over "good governance" strangely quiet about democrat corruption at the national level.

There's a wide variety of reasons to scorn the local leftists involved with the democrat hate group, "Clark County Citizens for democrat Governance."

First, they lie about what they're there for, which is nothing more nor less than to reestablish democrat control over county government.

"Good," bad or indifferent, they want a board entirely with "D's" after their name.  Governance has nothing to do with it: it's entirely partisan.

For example:

Yet... oddly... they failed to mention he's a democrat.  They failed to demand HIS resignation. They failed to demand the Mukiltio mayor's resignation There's nothing there about recalling the mayor.  There's no whining about "process" or "transparency."  And, there's even less mention that this guy is a democrat.


Because they're fringe-left whack jobs.

Knowing that this clown is Moeller-lite, I'm surprised they mentioned it at all. Their fellow fringers get a pass.

Another example, much closer to home, was the raise the Vancouver Soviet City Council just screwed the local taxpayers over: a paltry $30,000 a year to the city manager.

That arguably comes under the broad heading of "governance" in Clark County, but I seemed to have missed their outrage over that theft of taxpayer dollars.

Couldn't be because democrats infest and control the entire city council, can it?

Nah.  Their partisanship wouldn't get in the way of their TRUE concern over "governance," could it?

Second, it's clear that for these leftist whackburgers, their concern over "governance" doesn't seem to extend beyond the desks of David Madore and Tom Mielke.

So, they lie about what they are and why they're doing what they're doing, they don't care about "governance" outside Clark County (except when it suits them) and their hero's administration, a White House of lies, corruption, an out-of-control of bureaucracy that resembles the Administration of another fringe-left hero: the late, unlamented Hugo Chavez in Venezuela

The House wants the emails of Lerner and her co-conspirators and voila!  THEY DISAPPEAR!

As if.

So, if you... or I... were to get audited... would the IRS accept the "I lost it" excuse?

Not one word from the hate group about that... and that corruption makes their whining about Madore look like a parking lot door ding in comparison.

One wonders: when the charter fails and Pridemore loses... except for mass suicide, what option will they have left?

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