Friday, June 20, 2014

Democratian loses it's mind... again... over Cantor and amnesty.

As expected, the fringe left propaganda arm wants an open border policy that makes America a suburb of Mexico.

Lying, for example, about why Cantor got his ass kicked is par for their particular course.  For example, this tripe:
Cantor was viewed by the hardened edge of the conservative movement as being soft on immigration because he actually had — gasp! — broached the prospect of working toward a solution.
Cantor is soft on illegal aliens the same way the democrats and our local cancer on our community is soft on them: neither wanted to address any effort to make the cost of coming here and violating our laws so expensive that no one would even consider it.

A few simple solutions:
Anyone here illegally at any time, regardless of circumstance, is permanently barred from citizenship or any other kind of legal residence. 
Anyone here illegally is denied the right to own property of any kind. 
Anyone born here of illegal alien parents is here illegally and is to be treated no differently than any other illegal alien. 
Anyone here illegally is to be denied public education, welfare (or any of it's derivatives) or any other social program. 
Anyone here illegally requiring medical care will receive it to the point of being stabilized.  They will then be deported to Mexico. 
Illegal aliens will be presumed to be here illegally.  They will no longer be released anywhere but in their country of origin. 
Anyone hiring illegal aliens for any purpose will be subjected to the same property forfeiture laws as those selling drugs. 
Anyone hiring illegal aliens will be subject to a Class C felony punishable by 5 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.
Implement these laws.  Border security would take care of itself.

We either want to FIX this problem or we don't.  Clearly, the democrats and their propaganda arm do not.

One of the many problems with the moron who wrote today's editorial is this:

When they write this kind of garbage:
A “solution,” of course, means some sort of amnesty and/or pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million people who are in this country illegally — and to many critics, such a pathway is anathema. The problem with that reflexive repulsion to amnesty, however, is the utter futility of it. It is not reasonable to detain and deport some 11 million people (including an estimated 230,000 in this state), many of whom have been establishing roots in this country for years or decades. Mass expulsions do not make for sound social policy or sound economic policy. 
No, but it is "reasonable" to make life here so futile for them that they would voluntarily go home.

Odd that no one on the left ever sees it that way.  Wonder why?
The number of illegal immigrants has grown through decades of poor border security and lax enforcement of laws, but even then the depth of the issue is difficult to discern. In February, The Economist reported that illegal immigrants were being deported at nine times the rate of 20 years ago; in April, the Los Angeles Times declared the opposite — that deportations are down 40 percent from 2009.
They think we're stupid.

I'd actually consider SUPPORTING this kind of idiocy... IF it would solve the problem.

But it won't solve the problem.  One of Reagan's BIGGEST mistakes was to grant amnesty.  They made the same promises then that they are now.  That was ALSO supposed to solve the problem.

And how did that solve anything?

Illegal alien amnesty, however, was but just a part of the reason Cantor was unceremoniously kicked out.

Cantor's local mirror image on an admittedly smaller scale, is as guilty of taking us for granted as he was.  Jaime Herrera ignores the voices of the district, ignores her responsibilities to the district, and is such a coward, she won't even hold open town hall meetings.That's not the only problem Cantor had.

Our local joke of a congresswoman is a junior version of that same variety.  She talks a lot, accomplishes nothing, drops us further in debt, did absolutely nothing about the CRC Scam except pump out press releases by the dozen to make the suckers THINK she was opposed to it all while using her sick infant of a daughter to become an object of sympathy... and to remain in office so she can pick up that hefty check and ignore us for two ADDITIONAL years.

The problem is that we don't have a Professor Brat to take her out.

Meanwhile, the failed idea of "amnesty" is out of the question.  Amnesty of illegal aliens was only a part of Cantor's downfall, as the rag well knows, but is not reporting.  But further, if the issue of amnesty was his downfall, then why is the rag ignoring the will of the people on that subject in this screed?

If the people don't want that stupidity, then why should we have it rammed down our throats?

Didn't these clowns learn ANYTHING from the CRC Scam?

Yes, when the rag wants to, they acknowledge "elections have consequences."

That's why we have Commissioners Madore and Mielke in office.  That's why the people rose up and put an end to the democratian's stupidity and year's long history of lies, distortions and attacks when it comes to the issue of their slavish devotion to ramming the CRC Scam down our throats.

Typically, doing the exact opposite of what the rag wants done is the most sensible, best route to take.  Their rehash of fringe-left talking points in this editorial does nothing to change that perception.

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