Monday, June 02, 2014

Dingethal's web site is pathetic. Bob, do you even viable?

It's been awhile since Bob trashed his own website after I pointed out his campaign was so pathetic he hadn't even updated his own blog in 3 months or so.

They VERY NEXT DAY, he "solved" the problem by getting rid of his blog.

Gutsy move.

Dingethal, of course, has ignored my requests for his positions on the CRC Scam and repealing Obamacare for roughly the past 6 months or so: note the counter on the upper-right column of this blog..

Political cowards do that sort of thing.

And now, instead of drilling down on the issues, he's reduced to mere bullet points.

I looked them over... and being a veteran, I was intrigued by his mention of it.  So, I clicked on it to see what he had to say:

Nothing.  It wasn't a link.  It was nothing BUT a bullet point.

Of course, The Liar-in-Chief has had 6 years to screw up the VA, not that it was all that great before he took over.  But instead, he's made it into a murder machine.

And Bob, being Bob, has nothing to say about the "how" of it.  He holds no one accountable, offers no suggestions, no plans, no vision.   He tells us that we should be treated with "honor and respect," but he won't even answer my questions on his positions.

What kind of "honor" is that?

What kind of "respect" is that?

He holds no one accountable for this fiasco... because frankly, like the cardboard cutout representing us now, he's a non-serving POG who doesn't give a rat's ass about veterans.

Of course, neither does our worthless congresscritter, and that's why Bob is going to get crushed this November.

He's wasting all of his time on the oil terminal, convincing his fellow fringe-leftists of his enviro cred... like they'd ever vote for Herrera.

Kowtowing to a fringe-group might be all that and a bag of chips... very ego gratifying... but most people disagree with him and note his efforts to trash jobs.

Union jobs.

Just like his hero Obama and the Keystone Pipeline... thousands of union jobs.

And all Bob's got is bullet points to make people think he cares... when he doesn't have a clue.

"Honor and Respect."

My ass.

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