Monday, June 02, 2014

Fascinating Study in contrasts: leftist hypocrisy on the oil terminal.

How many times were the crowds jamming local organs of government in an attempt to get them to listen to the people in an effort to fight the massive rip off known as the CRC Scam?

How many times did the rag tell us... and the fringe-leftists tell us, that what the people wanted made zero difference to them?

In fact, none of the 3 stooges up for consideration for commissioner gives a damn that the people of this county hate light rail, for example.

So, when the fringe-left nutters and the despicable rag of a waste of wood pulp whine about the oil terminal and/or coal trains... why should anyone care?

We shouldn't.

They've already proven beyond doubt that they don't give a rat's ass what we think, what we want or what we actually need.

So, why should we give a damn what THEY want or what they think THEY need or what THEY think?

We shouldn't.  And I don't.

Consideration in politics is a two-way street.  They show none and would punish our community's efforts to realistically solve our transportation problems.  The daily democratian even when so far as to lie about the Bi-State Bridge Coalition effort, claiming, wrongly, that it was a way to resuscitate the CRC Scam, which was NEVER the purpose of the effort.

It's bad enough the scum running the democratian lie... but to do so in such a blatant manner?

Screw the left.  I want that damned thing built yesterday.  I don't give a damn if it looks like Detroit in its hay-day.  And I admit it: part of what drives that conclusion is that the fringe-left hypocrites who want to cripple our energy consumption consume it themselves.

So, when the hearings are full up with whiny little leftists who drove there in their cars, I'm less inclined to give a damn WHAT they want.

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Lew Waters said...

And don't forget, when the people continued to speak out against the CRC rip-off, it was Liar Leavitt that tried to have the mic's and TV camera's shut off in an effort to deny the people their right of addressing council if something he did not want to hear.

Mayor Leavitt ready to cut open mic at city council meetings