Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dingethal or his people must read this blog.

Bob Dingethal, who has now ignored my requests for his positions on the CRC Scam and repealing Obamacare for a paltry 108 days, has fixed his blog problem from his campaign website.

Just yesterday, I pointed out that it was almost 3 months since Bob had bothered to put anything up on his campaign website blog, pointing that as just another sign he was mailing it in.  (There are others, but this one was obvious.)

His solution?

Not to do more blog posts... but to get rid of the blog section altogether.  Today... it vanished.

It's just a shame that neither he nor either of the speed bumps running for the House in the 18th can bother to answer the questions of prospective constituents when asked.

Of course, as a leftist hack, he has to justify his decision to kill a few dozen family wage union jobs to operate this facility... and a few hundred more to build it... but he's got his fellow fringe-left nutters to kowtow to, so there ya go.  Who cares about unions in the face of that?

In fact, its more than a shame: it's pathetic.

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