Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here's why I'm opposing Brandon Vick for re-election.

Brandon Vick is my state representative.

I do not want him to have the job.

I have been involved in politics here locally since 1988.  I've gone from campaign volunteer to legislative staffer for 6 years to, ultimately, holding down the chair of Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party.

In all that time, I never saw an elected official do so little.

I observe the work of Sen. Ann Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike, also of this district, and I see two women who easily spend 50 hours per week in this part time job: going out and meeting the people, digging to find the problems, working to find the solutions.

Rivers and Pike led the charge to kill off the hated CRC Loot rail project.

Where was Vick?

Now, they're working to forge cross-river transportation solutions that do not include the massive waste of money that loot rail requires.  Communication; meetings, outreach.  Taking numerous hits from the hated democratian and the CRC Scammers who will do all they can at this point to kill off any other effort that does not put the hated loot rail into our county.

Where is Vick?

For the entirety of his first year in office, Vick failed to introduce ANY legislation.

His excuse?
Rep. Vick waiting until next session to introduce bills

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From the desk of Columbian intern Lucas Wiseman:  
State Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver, has not sponsored a bill in the Legislature this year. His lack of bills is not because of idleness; it's a matter of principle, he said.   
“You can write a bill for whatever you want; whether you should write a bill is the question,” said Vick, who is serving his first term in the Legislature.  
Vick said that he didn't see a point in proposing a bill if it had no chance of passing. Democrats have a majority in the state House, which can make it more difficult for Republicans to pass their proposals.

That was not true.
In the past, party chairmanships have been a launching pad for political careers.

It's also been a wrecking yard for some.

When added to the fact that Brandon is about to become a brand new father for the first time... and to campaign, by definition, will take every waking moment... as will the next legislative session, as far as that goes... one wonders:  Why would he leave his wife and baby home alone?  How can he discharge his family responsibilities and obligations sitting in interminable meetings in Olympia with his family... his wife... his newborn baby... home... alone.... day after day.... night after night?

This is a tough situation for Brandon... very tough.  He wants to be a politician and a legislator so bad that he'll do almost anything to achieve it.

Except in this case, the cost is just too high... he loves his wife and baby too much... and his vision is clouded by those with an ulterior motive who don't care what the cost is to Brandon personally.

I care.
Vick blew off introducing bills because bills = work.  And Vick was barely able to hang on without the added requirements of working legislation through the process.

Vick's claim that
Vick said that he didn't see a point in proposing a bill if it had no chance of passing. Democrats have a majority in the state House, which can make it more difficult for Republicans to pass their proposals.
Is demonstrably false:  The House was no less in democrat hands last session than it was in Vick's first year: so what changed about democrat control?

Nothing.  So why did Brandon sponsor 5 bills this year?  If he was so sure that, because of democrat control of the House last year that he shouldn't waste his time introducing bills LAST year... then why did he introduce bills THIS year?

Because he did nothing to justify his election during the entirety of his first year in office because he was stretched to the breaking point and something had to give.

What gave was his failure to represent us.  His trouble is that I expect those elected to represent me to, in fact, REPRESENT ME.

If you can't do the job... then DON'T do the job.  Vick's entire first year in office was devoted to his family and his business.  There was no time for us.

And while I can admire his devotion to both his family AND his business... (Which I KNEW was going to interfere with him doing his job for US) I am appalled by his "mail-it-in" attitude that he's had for the entirety of his term in office.

That is why I oppose Brandon Vick.  WE are SUPPOSED to be his number ONE concern.  So, when I read stuff like this in the Reflector:
Proud to support Brandon Vick for state representative                      

I support Brandon Vick for state representative in the 18th District. 
Brandon is a great ambassador for our community and has done an outstanding job of representing us in Olympia. In his first term, he has represented the 18th District with dignity and respect; exhibiting both ability and a willingness to listen, which is surely needed by our elected officials. He has demonstrated principled responsibility in Olympia by supporting a fiscal package which balanced the budget without raising the burden on taxpayers.                                              
Brandon has fought hard for the 2/3 majority requirement to raise taxes. His commitment, dedication, integrity, and teamwork are exactly what is needed to restore confidence in our State government. Brandon has worked hard to earn our trust as state representative and will continue to serve our community. I am proud to support Brandon Vick.

Mary Graham
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Someone who doesn't show up and doesn't drop legislation isn't doing an "outstanding job" of anything.  This kind of nonsense that so flies in the face of the facts can only be filed under "political propaganda... and Mary Graham, who served for several years as the GOP Legislative District Chair damned well knows it.

Vick hasn't "fought hard" to do a damned thing.  If he had, I wouldn't oppose him and find it necessary to support anyone who would replace him.
Vick has a reputation in Olympia.  He's earned a nickname that's hardly complimentary.

The problem I've got here is that Vick did not tell the truth about his failure to act on our behalf for the entirety of his first year in office.

What he has done, sadly, is to meet every expectation I had for him.  And unfortunately, that means he's earned a defeat at the polls.

And no letter to the editor filled with glittering generalities that fly in the face of the facts can change that.done

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