Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yet another reason why Rep. Brandon Vick was a bad idea.

This blog has made no bones about it: Brandon Vick will be a disaster as a State Representative.

I based that opinion on his utterly abysmal disaster of a tenure as a county party chair, his legendary screwing up of the county convention, his miserable handling of Le' Affaire Boldt, his failure to do the simplest things as party chair such as restarting the newsletter and replacing the ancient, pre-packaged, looks-like-it-was-slammed-together-by-a 7th-grader-for-a-weekend-project web site... even though he had 18 months or so to get it done.

There's a few reasons he couldn't even get the appointment for the open seat.

And now, he's wasting his time, our time and our money up in Olympia.

Precisely like I knew he would.

Brandon blew off the 18th District town hall meeting held by Sen. Rivers and Rep. Pike.  Both these legislators have a reputation for dynamic leadership and active engagement.  Brandon was too busy going on a vacation.  You know, priorities and all that.

As a result, not only has he mailed it in since he got there, his plan is to mail it in until at least next year, if the local rag is to be believed.
From the desk of Columbian intern Lucas Wiseman:
State Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver, has not sponsored a bill in the Legislature this year. His lack of bills is not because of idleness; it's a matter of principle, he said.
“You can write a bill for whatever you want; whether you should write a bill is the question,” said Vick, who is serving his first term in the Legislature.
Vick said that he didn't see a point in proposing a bill if it had no chance of passing. Democrats have a majority in the state House, which can make it more difficult for Republicans to pass their proposals.
Vick added he has been working on several bills, but he does not think they are quite ready for "prime time."
Well, that's OK, Brandon: you obviously ain't ready for prime time, either.

More if you can stomach it: 

Here's the thing: Brandon's failure (and it IS a failure) to even attempt to make any changes in our train wreck of a government is based on reducing his work load.

No bills?

Less work.

Vick's bills would not re-invent government or politics.  But his failure to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to change our out-of-control oppressive government shows he just doesn't give a damn.

Brandon is getting a reputation up there as a buffoon.  The lobbyists are concluding that he's an empty-suited joke.

He had BETTER get off his ass and WORK.  Or his re-election will be seriously in doubt and I'll help lead the charge to get rid of him.

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