Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Battle Ground WalMart opens tomorrow... I am SO there.

I do everything I can to avoid spending a dime in the Vancouver Soviet.  The leftist hatred and stench of the place just makes it difficult to even drive through it to cross the River.

Now, I can blow off the equally despised CRC Scam-supporting Fred Meyers and just go to the closer WalMart Supercenter in Battle Ground.

I've been looking forward to an increased presence in Clark County; I used to live across the street from the recently re-activated construction site of the WalMart off the east end of the 4th Plain around the fire station.

But now, the WM closest to me opens tomorrow... with 600 (thankfully) non-union jobs in an area that could use the employment.

Tomorrow morning is D Day.  And I am so there.

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