Monday, May 19, 2014

Democratian blows the call on the oil terminal.


First, how many times did the scum at the democratian remind us that we, as the people and voters of Clark County, had no say on  the issue of the CRC Scam?

And because of that lie, we should never be allowed to vote on it, because what we have to say makes no difference?

So now, the Vancouver Soviet finds itself in the same position: the city has precisely zero say in the matter of the oil terminal, because they have zero authority in the matter.

And what do the hypocrites say down at the democratian?

In Our View: Stopping the Oil Terminal

Vancouver City Council should formally adopt its opposition to proposed project


So, for the people of Clark County, who overwhelmingly expressed our opposition to the CRC Scam this rag slavishly SUPPORTED over the past decades at the polls, we should not have been allowed to "formerly oppose" that rip off because, as we were repeatedly told, we had no say.

The city has "no say" on this matter, and what does the rag tell them?

They should "formally oppose" it.

And here I thought that reeking stench around the democratian was a stray breeze from Camas when it was their situational, rank hypocrisy all along.

The fact is that there is no reason to oppose this terminal: none.  And, in fact, with the expansion of our energy needs as a society, this facility is needed now more than ever... not to mention the jobs that go along with it.

The fringe-leftists running the Vancouver Soviet will, of course, do what they are told given how rarely "original thought" ever rears its ugly head down there.

But no one opposed to this project should use any petroleum-based product as a result.

After all, they wouldn't want the stench of hypocrisy to follow them around like a cologne, would they?

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