Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I noticed Identity Vancouver hired John McKibbin after firing Paul Montague: So... whatever happened to ol' Paul?

You remember the huge splash the rag gave Paul Montague after he got bounced from Identity Vancouver over his failures... several of them... regarding the CRC Scam and how he's managed to alienate damned near everyone who needed to support that scam to make it happen.... right?

He seems strangely quiet since then.

See, his exit was covered by another lie: that he left to start a PAC to be funded by those with a legislative death wish.  From Thursday, March 20, 2014.
Perhaps the biggest lie that's left Paul Montague's mouth.

First, I understand that Montague was fired this week.  I'll be confirming that in a few days.

Second... this garbage:
“Really, the long term interest is about having people who are responsive,” he said. “Basically (we want) folks who are going to listen to the community.”
Gag a maggot this is such a lie from Montague.

What this punk wants is people who will do what HE wants.  And he means to threaten and try to intimidate to get it.

Good luck with that.

"Responsive" government, with "folks who are going to listen to the community" would have killed the CRC Scam a decade ago.

And it's this kind of clown car idiocy that makes him look like a total, blithering, idiot.
I get that he's likely been fired for his efforts to turn Identity Vancouver into Identity CRC.    But making this crap up to cover for that?


Many thanks to Chief CRC Buffoon Paul Montague: making the boycott list public!

(UPDATE:  Sources are telling me that Montague had already been terminated by Identity Vancouver.)

One of the biggest idiots shilling the CRC Scam was Identity Vancouver's own Paul Montague... and while it is said that Victory has a 1000 fathers and defeat just one... if there actually IS just one, Montague is a leading candidate for the gig.

And you know what?  It's almost like he was about to get fired by Identity Vancouver and he needed to make up another gig for himself!

His idiocy of attempting to line up businesses with a political death wish is just that: idiocy.  Nothing will kill a candidate's hope for election faster than the playground stupidity of getting tagged or supported by Montague... and at this point, it only seems to be Montague, who's out there playing the role of a clown wagging the tail to try and get the dog's attention.

The stupidity of this goes beyond obvious:  Any business or individual funding this stupidity will be committing political suicide.  Any business or individual funding this idiocy is very likely to find themselves on the wrong end of a boycott by the very same people that Montague has been insulting and disregarding for years.

Need a bill passed in the Legislature?  Don't hold your breath.  How was Identity Vancouver's agenda in the last legislature?

Need an ordinance passed or amended?  Need a county contract?  Want to be heard or even acknowledged?

Then by all mean, join the Worm of the Identity Vancouver slime and see what happens.  even Montague knows it:
Montague, 56, said it is too early to reveal individual supporters of the organization.
 Of course it's too early.  Hard to provide names when you don't have any.

I've frequently believed that Montague was just a flat out punk... an immature jerk who thinks the people exist for his agenda instead of the other way around.  The complete idiocy of Montague is this obvious fact: Madore, on his own, can outspend Montague's idiocy 5 to one and not even break a sweat.

Stupid really is as stupid does.  This proves it.  And I will update the boycott list with every name... and every business that gives this moron wrapped in an idiot a dime. 
And yet, as filing is in a couple of weeks... who's been stepping up to fund his nightmare?  Why has he disappeared?

Who wants to be the mole that gets whacked?

Where's the PAC?  Where's the money?

No where.  Just like Montague: no where.

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ralph said...

I would be interested in knowing what the relationship is between John McKibbin and Paul Montague?

Mr. Montague previously worked for the chamber and was John McKibbin, Mr. Montague's former Employer with the chamber?

Even more curious to know who helped Paul Montague with an exit plan as he was asked to leave Identity Clark County?

Unfortunately, it was transparent... though creative. Mr. Montague has not evidenced creativity during his time with ICC. So I suspect that this was suggested by others in order to save face.

Unfortunately, Mr. Montague, I believe that the public would prefer someone who tried and failed. Acknowledged that they stepped on toes and may have gotten caught up hearing themselves speak, then one who lies and deceives...

Mr. Montague, you now have to start a PAC in order to continue with the deception, don't you? Whether you want to or not....Would be easier, to just come clean and acknowledge that you boo-booed....

Sigh...we know what you will do...You will file and register for a PAC...Your fans will encourage you. When it comes time to put up...Your fans will disappear...and your spewing, protests will turn to occasional spittle...and you will eventually move on.

Last suggestion, Mr. Montague, consider a different photographer, your public photos make you look like a lecher. It is hard to take you seriously.