Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OOoooppppsss.... What is it with democrat cowardice? Looks like Mussolini Mikey has joined with Bully to delete questions he refuses to answer.

With a nothing campaign going nowhere, Mussolini Mikey Briggs has made the lie clear.

That her falsely claims that HE, personally, would represent ALL of us, regardless of the issues or positions we may have, has now been proven to be false.

In short, in addition to his other talents, Mike Briggs is a liar.

I have repeatedly asked him on his facebook how that "I will represent EVERYONE" shtick of his would work.  I've been asking for weeks.  I've asked him how, in the face of the overwhelming opposition of this district, he could continue to support the CRC Scam and how, if he were in the legislature, he would vote on that issue.

The weirdest part?

My questions stayed up on his bizarre little facebook campaign page, unanswered, for weeks.

He never answered.  They sat there, like an indictment of cowardice.

Look, both Briggs and I know he has no chance in this issue: he's a fringe-left, downtown Vancouver Soviet neo-communist Moeller-wannabe, completely out of his depth and wrong for a hard-right leaning conservative district that doesn't share in his Stalinist views.

So, last night, I pushed the issue.

Briggs had worn out a pair of kneepads putting up a garbage pile from Garrison Keiller on his campaign facebook page:

For anyone who knows me- I believe in this statement. It is Paramount for what I am fighting for, with my campaign, to become the 18th District's next State Representative- Position number 1.
Nailed it.

Thanks to You Can't Scare Me, I'm a Teacher

Photo: Nailed it.

Thanks to You Can't Scare Me, I'm a TeacherPhoto: Nailed it.

Thanks to You Can't Scare Me, I'm a Teacher

In response to that idiocy, I asked him: 
"So, how do you label the teacher's unions who wage war on the taxpayers to jack up their own pay checks? 
All in the 'name of the children,' of course." 
"Oh yeah, that's right... you don't answer questions you don't agree with."
Well, Musso answered this one by deleting everything I'd ever written... not that he'd ever answered any of it anyway.

And here I thought Jaime was a coward for lacking the guts to hold town hall meetings.

Memo, Mikey: this is NOT "representation."  Ignoring those you disagree with; failing to explain yourself and how you would do what you would do does not win you any votes.

It does, however, make you look like a fringe-left, partisan jerk.

And in that, you succeed brilliantly. 

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