Thursday, March 20, 2014

Perhaps the biggest lie that's left Paul Montague's mouth.

First, I understand that Montague was fired this week.  I'll be confirming that in a few days.

Second... this garbage:
“Really, the long term interest is about having people who are responsive,” he said. “Basically (we want) folks who are going to listen to the community.”
Gag a maggot this is such a lie from Montague.

What this punk wants is people who will do what HE wants.  And he means to threaten and try to intimidate to get it.

Good luck with that.

"Responsive" government, with "folks who are going to listen to the community" would have killed the CRC Scam a decade ago.

And it's this kind of clown car idiocy that makes him look like a total, blithering, idiot.
I get that he's likely been fired for his efforts to turn Identity Vancouver into Identity CRC.    But making this crap up to cover for that?


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