Friday, January 24, 2014

The increasingly bizarre reactions to Stuart's impending departure.

Since I've made my perspective clear concerning Commissar Stuart, it might come as some surprise to readers that I am not overjoyed at his departure.

Like daylight and darkness, I accepted it as a fact of life that Stuart would conclude he had as much chance to win re-election as he did to mastering the art of levitation.  Thus, I have no particular joy or sadness over this any more than I do the tides.

I would have looked forward to Stuart's destruction across this county, and the humiliation of the moron the democratian hauled out that showed rank stupidity when she stated:
And while that was a vote of just city residents, and not inclusive of the steadfastly conservative rural lands of the county, Long believes the results say something about which camp is currently enjoying a groundswell of support.
Clearly, the basis for that question was an analysis of Stuart's chances.  It is, perhaps, the most moronic pap I've ever read from a "professor," even one with a leftist bent.  Giving Stuart some modicum of credit, he was much smarter in the end than the woman with the letters after her name.

Stuart, being a petulant jerk... something of an overgrown adolescent, will attempt (and fail) to do as much damage as possible on the way out.  He'll do it to the cheers of the fringe-leftists operating on a bizarre form of political hatred unseen since the days their hero, Che Guevara, was beating people to death with a baseball bat when he wasn't having them shot.

Given Stuart's reckless political behavior, his decision was foregone.  The level of delusion and hatred shown by his fellow kool-aidists is only moderately surprising given their self-delusion and inability to analyze the reality of politics in this county over their own, self-emboldening conclusions that bear no resemblance to reality.

The responses from those leftists who are reading this funeral dirge are hilarious.

It's the verbal equivalent of these idiots gathering themselves in a circle in Esther Short Park, pouring gasoline on themselves and lighting it.

They wrote a variety of things that defy belief.

Because of their ability to delude themselves (Why else would they be leftists?) they express all this concern over Stuart's cowardice.

One dolt wrote:
Very sad news for Clark County! I feel for the Steve...if I had to work besides Mielke and Madore I would bail out too! Thank you for your service Steve.
That's the theme, of course: it's not Stuart's cowardice... it's the other two commissioner's fault.  It's like Stuart is incapable of making a decision on his own, forgetting all along that he is exhibiting that same lack of integrity that lead to him bending this county over for TriMet.

Odd that none of these people expressed any concern when Mielke was by himself against two democrats, Stuart and Boldt.

But then, hypocrisy is part and parcel of their meme.

None of those babbling like those knows either Commissioners Madore or Mielke.  They just act as if they do, because the politics of those commissioners is at cross-purposes to their own.

The excuses they make for Stuart's lack of testicular fortitude... their completely inaccurate description of Stuart's "representation," since Steve has made it clear that he only represents Steve, the ashes... the sack cloth... the whaling... the gnashing of teeth... the self-flagellation.

It's as if Stuart has become something of a political martyr... all because he's too much of a coward... or too much of a realist... to run for re-election.


Next up?  Which democrat are these suckers going to shove out there to get clobbered?

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