Sunday, December 22, 2013

Analysis of the lies in the Stuart article.

Continuing their decade’s long tradition of lying to get their candidates elected, the democratian comes up with this garbage, wherein an alleged "political science professor," who should be fired immediately given her obvious cluelessness, blathered thus:
Carolyn Long, a political science professor at Washington State University Vancouver whose expertise includes local politics and elections, said it appears Stuart has a chance to win re-election based on the recent results of the nonpartisan Vancouver city council elections.
He has a chance of winning the lottery as well, but hatred of Stuart has reached an all-time high since he sold us out on the TriMet scam when he SHOULD have joined with the other commissioners to veto it.
“I would suggest that the results from the odd year election in November, that were four or five points in favor of (Mayor Tim) Leavitt, is an indication the county is moving in a different direction,” Long said.
I would suggest that Long is politically insane.

The hard core left that runs politics in the Vancouver Soviet routinely elects morons like Moeller, Cleveland and Wylie to the legislature.  That they'd elect and re-elect scum like Leave-it, Burkman and Topper has precisely zero reflection on what would happen countywide.

In fact, the narrow margin of Leave-it's win is yet another proof that Stuart would LOSE, because he would have to win in Vancouver by 60% plus to have even a remote hope to make up for the anti-Stuart vote in the rest of the county.  And given the results of the loot rail vote, there is no way that Stuart will get anything approaching that in the 49th any more than Boldt did.

And it's noted here that Long is choosing to ignore the results of Boldt's election AND the advisory vote, because those inconvenient truths interfere with her meme.
In last month’s election, it was Leavitt who stood as a symbol against the policies of Madore and Mielke as he ran for re-election against Councilor Bill Turlay, who was supported by Madore.
This, as I’ve pointed out, was utterly meaningless in a countywide scenario, PARTICULARLY when combined with the horrific outcome democrats generally are going to get next November. 
And while that was a vote of just city residents, and not inclusive of the steadfastly conservative rural lands of the county, Long believes the results say something about which camp is currently enjoying a groundswell of support.
Then Long is delusional.

Don't confuse those weak-sauce, underfunded campaigns with that is going to happen next year.

I repeat: save her cherry-picked delusions, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to indicate a "groundswell" of ANYTHING but hatred towards Stuart for what he has done to the people of this county.
“I would interpret those results carefully,” Long said.
When?  Nothing I've read here shows that you've done that. 
“But I would use that as a data point to see if the county is at a crossroads. And I really do think we still are. It wasn’t a round rebuke of Madore and Mielke, but it was a significant enough margin that people may wonder what is going on here.”
It wasn't a "rebuke" of any kind, at all.

It was typically leftist Vancouver being typically leftist.

The rest of this is self-delusion, and the kind of pro-Stuart propaganda the democratian is known for... because what's missing here is one of their polls.

Polling would indicate Stuart's imminent demise.  These clowns are huge on polls when the results suit them... where's the polling here?

Most of Long's analysis is idiotic leftist self-delusion, far divorced from the facts... the kind of thing the democratian is known to print, since no lie, no series of lies, no twisting of reality and no exaggeration is beyond them.

There is NOTHING to indicate that Stuart stands a chance countywide.  And these scum know it.

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