Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stuart (Ghost of Marc Boldt) to run again?

If you LIKE your commissioner, you can KEEP your commissioner.

If you DON'T... well, you know what to do.

I seriously hope that he DOES run.  Of course, the democratian has already signed on to handle his PR, as this crap of an article demonstrates.  Expect regular ass-kissing, like every hour on the hour.

I hope that because here's the likely precinct map if he does (Blue will be for his opponent)

Reasons Slimeball SHOULDN'T run?
1.  His staunch efforts to screw the entire county, which have stretched back since he was first appointed and culminated with his criminal misfeasance in office over the TriMet scam.

2.  He's going to get hit repeatedly. like a line-drive, over his hated ballpark scam.

3.  His Boss Hogg actions in his effort to get the conservatives kicked off the commission because he's a punk that has no integrity.
4.  This is shaping up to be 1994 all over again... with hatred for democrats growing at an exponential rate due to their messiah screwing up multiple wet dreams... and county-wide, Clark County leans heavily right.
5.  His unconstitutional and idiotic vote to take away our weapons in the event of a commissioner-declared emergency.
6.  and this topper:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for 'the people,' I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
Reasons he SHOULD run?
Sorry.  There aren't any.
Showing an arrogance second-only to those tied for first (The Liar Leave-it and Molehill Moeller) when humility is what's required: lying to the people of this county repeatedly while ignoring what we want on the CRC Scam.... this is a recipe for Boldt-ism... and if any established GOP candidate runs for commissioner, this clown is toast.

Don't misunderstand me: I hope he does run.  It's the closest thing to guaranteeing yet another conservative victory, locking up the commission in ways that would likely result in Lefty Lou doing us all a favor and hanging himself.

But Marc Boldt was massacred county wide and the issues that caused his political death are geometrically greater for his colleague in crime, Slimeball Stuart.

And no amount of image rehabilitation by the democratian will change that county-wide.

(Boldt's horrific results in shades of yellow)

Slimeball's only hope is that of the scum running the democratian: that their character assassination, lies and exaggeration have had some sort of cumulative effect.

But whatever that effect may be, it will not overcome Slimeball's admitted failure to remember that, in fact, Job One for him is the job he's rejected: he IS, in fact, SUPPOSED to be a voice for us, and not himself.

His acting like TriMet owns him outright smacks of the kind of corruption the left is known for.

So, I desperately want him to run, because the outcome for him will be ugly and likely cripple any other political aspirations he may have... and the last 9 years have shown that to be a good thing.

But I doubt that he will, because deep down inside, he knows that the outcome will be worse than it was for Boldt.  The democrat problem is this: they have no one they CAN run because whoever they put out there would be a mirror image of Slimeball.

Even though law school grad Stuart never passed the bar, even he can read vote results and precinct maps.  And their stark repudiation of everything he stands for speaks for itself.

No democrat at any local level race that goes county wide will be in a position to repudiate their concrete platform of screwing the people of Clark County.  Their current congressional candidate, for example, Bob Dingethal, is so terrified of the CRC issue that he lacks the guts to even make his position on that rip off public.

I get that.

But the campaign AGAINST these clowns is simplicity itself:  since they're too cowardly to put out a position, you "Brokaw" them and plaster them with the reality of what their position actually is: You tell the local world that they support the entirety of the CRC Scam: bridge replacement, $100 million wasted in mitigation, loot rail, 45 years of tolls, and bending us over for TriMet... the whole bit.

Easy.  And it so sucks to be them because of it.

If only they actually DID "represent the people," they may have had a chance.

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