Friday, January 24, 2014

When your congresswoman is a coward.

Once again, Jaime Herrera holds a tightly controlled and sparsely attended "do" in Vancouver, where a whole "dozen" people showed up, and the democratian covered it like there were thousands.

Herrera has sold out veterans, sold out taxpayers, sold out all of us who live in Clark County and has made people actually believe she is something she definitely is not.

When the GOP sells us out in The House on amnesty for illegal aliens, you can bet that Herrera will be there, given her track record on selling us out over everything else.

Imagine my surprise when I read this:
Thursday’s gathering drew about a dozen people. Among them was Vancouver resident Dale Blosser, who thanked Herrera Beutler for advocating for veterans. Blosser, himself a disabled Vietnam veteran, said he’s long been frustrated with a lack of efficiency in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
I have no idea who Blosser is, but clearly, he has not paid attention to Herrera's efforts at throwing retired and disabled veteran's under Obama's bus when she voted for the horrific budget deal that cut those retirements without touching the retirement of civilian federal employees.

She is rapidly becoming the teflon congresswoman who does nothing, makes people believe she advocates for them, but who, in total, has accomplished absolutely nothing since Marc Boldt scammed her appointment to the House back in 07.

If she had any guts, she would use larger facilities on a more frequent basis to meet with her constituents, and she would do a much better job of publicising these efforts.

But that requires a level of courage she lacks.  And that's why she needs to go.

Hopefully, she'll join with Stuart and bail out.

We'd all be better off if she were gone.

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