Friday, January 24, 2014

As I suspected he would, Stuart lied in his "not running" excuses.

He deliberately left out the main reason he announced he wasn't running, as I knew he would:

He knew he couldn't win.

The rest of it, of course, he blamed on everyone else.  But at base, there is precisely and only one reason why he is not running:

He knows he would lose.

When he writes, for example:
It became clear to me by mid-year, however, that my work – and that of many amazing professional County managers who have since left, countless citizens, and even Republican County Electeds like Sheriff Lucas, Assessor Van Nortwick, and Auditor Kimsey – was not going to be considered. There is no longer room for facts, figures, input, and information, if they don’t support the ideological aims of the majority. So my job changed.
That is an outright lie.

Not a little lie, you understand, but a total and complete fabrication.

Because the same guy who wrote that SAID this:

He made it quite clear that what others thought or said or did in no way impacted him or his considerations.

Now, of course, he wants people to actually believe that what they said to him actually mattered.  That the needs and desires and the best interests of the people of Clark County were the thing.

Interesting how his words in his political suicide note don't match up with his oft-expressed view that he never represented the people... but instead, only represented himself.

His own words put the lie to that:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people... I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
So, which Steve are we supposed to believe?

The whipped dog variety that joins with the rest of the haters in blaming the conservative majority on the board for his cowardly decision not to run again?

Or the one in the video above who made it clear both on that clip and throughout his tenure on matters like the CRC Scam and the Ballpark Scam that he, personally, didn't give a rat's ASS what others thought... because, as he pointed out, Steve's constituency consists of Steve.

Look, I don't mind that Stuart is slinking away.  I get that.

But does he have to ooze a trail of lies and deception behind him like a slug?

Now, we can watch as he works with the democratian to restore a tattered image of a man who admittedly put himself far ahead of those he would govern.

Leftist sniveling aside... he won't be missed.

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