Friday, January 24, 2014

Mussolini Mikey and I agree: "We can do better than this, people."

Regular readers know that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is one of those fringe-left, CRC Scaming whack jobs that wants to ram loot rail down our throats.

He's also got a jones to run for political office... and man, do I want to see THAT happen, or what?

Anywho, he's engaging in the same kind of faux histrionics the rest of the fringe left nutters are going throu8gh as the political career of their Great White Hope, Commissar Steve Stuart, expires in front of us all... a long overdue event.

So, imagine my surprise when he repeated his idiotic mantra... but this time, aimed it at the commissar!

We can and will do better than Commissar Steve Stuart.

We will also do much better than Mussolini Mikey.

And here's the memo, Mikey: you and your ilk have ALREADY LOST.

Feel free to get your loot rail butt back over to oregon where it belongs.

But before you go?

PLEASE run for office over here: crushing you anywhere would be a HOOT!

1 comment:

Lew Waters said...

Apparently, Mikey has yet to fathom that a majority got together, not liking how things were going and did just what he recommends, vote.

We voted out Boldt and kept Mielke by wide margins.

Even though we are not a Democracy, that is how one works, Mikey, majority rules.

That he cannot handle the majority disagrees with him and Stuart is not our problem.

Go suck eggs, Mikey, your boy lost and Stuart would have as well.