Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts on the local GOP.

I'm no longer involved in or a part of the local GOP.

As a life long conservative, I was found wanting by Christian Berrigan so my PCO race was targeted along with many others.  As a result, my PCO position, mentioned in the story is held by Marc Boldt; former Republican who, sources tell me, has yet to attend even a single meeting... which,of course, means he is as worthless a PCO as he was a democrat commissioner... and it tends to show he still doesn't give a damn about the party he claims membership to.

No individual was given as much ink in this story as Boldt.  Boldt is no more a conservative or Republican than he can levitate.  Note the rag didn't ask anyone about that?

This was, of course, a concerted effort to keep Boldt's well-deserved expulsion from the local GOP in the consciousness of the public... a typically leftist effort I might add, but this is where I point out that Boldt is not involved in GOP politics and, in fact has the throw-weight politically of one of my spaniels.  There can, as a result, be no other reason for even mentioning his name in an article like this, since none of the people in the current GOP were in charge when Boldt was kicked out, a fact the rag typically fails to make clear, as you would expect.

To me, there is only one relevant question... and we're going to have to wait 13 months to get an answer:

When the next election is over... will there be more GOP office holders here locally and in the legislature than there is now?

The answer is: unlikely.  The only seat that is vulnerable is Monica Stonier's in the 17th.  Her vote against the CRC Scam makes it difficult to go after her on the one unifying issue confronting this community.

The closer one is to democrat... that is, the more one holds so-called "Mainstreamer" positions, the more the democratian likes you.  (Brent Boger being the exception)  Again, bringing up Boger's hissy fit over the well-earned Boldt expulsion is designed to keep what the rag considers to be "divisiveness" in the eye of the independents.  When, for example, was the last time the rag wrote anything about the divisions within their master party, the local neo-communists?

That said, the local GOP shows it's amateur stature by discussing any of the issues with the local paper.  These are internal issues that come under the broad heading of "nunya."

Guys, here's a memo.  The local rag is not your friend.  They hate you.  Mathieu hates you, Brancaccio hates you and they WILL cast you in the worst, possible, light.  Like they did here.

Nothing in the article makes any difference to me, personally, one way or the other.  But that the article was written at all with comments from anyone in the GOP hierarchy shows that they simply don't get it.

THAT they don't get it does not bode well for the future of GOP politics around here.

Because I've got to tell you, the only response to a media organization that hates you SHOULD be "no comment."

That it wasn't?

That speaks for itself.

And the cluelessness that it speaks to?

Good luck with that.

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