Monday, December 10, 2012

Remember the democrats lying over Boldt getting booted out of the GOP?

Oh the whaling!  The gnashing of teeth!  The RINO's going into outrage!

But most of all, the flat out lying of local democrats.
Of course, local Democrats could hardly contain their glee over dissension in the enemy camp, boasting about their “big-tent” inclusiveness and huffing that they would never deign to expose any donkey’s warts. Why, that’s beneath the dignity of local politics! County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, noted that “it is amusing to see Republicans eat their own, but it is bad for the community.”
Well, naturally Stuart would say that: Democrat Stuart has been the recipient of two of Boldt's endorsements.
The Clark County Democrats, in contrast, do not sanction officials.
“The Clark County Democrats are a ‘big tent’ organization,” Vice Chairman Nick Ande wrote in an email. “We don’t assume that all Democrats are going to have exactly the same views, and we appreciate that diversity in viewpoint within our party rather than admonishing it. No county Democrat has been blacklisted because they have what are perceived as more moderate viewpoints.”
 So, when two democrats align with the Senate GOP, what happens?  They are both immediately and unceremoniously what?

Kicked out.  By the state democrats.  PRECISELY like the county GOP gave Marc Boldt the boot.

So, what does the local democratian do?  Leave out the grafs that made them... and local democrats... look even more idiotic than they typically do.
Compare the Columbian to the Olympian and about midway in the Columbian’s article you will find missing,
“Meanwhile, the chairman of the Washington State Democrats disowned the two defecting senators.”
“Dwight Pelz said he’s long viewed Sheldon as a Republican, but the party had invested money to re-elect Tom this year. Pelz says that won’t happen again, and the party will draft a candidate to oust him next time.”
“ ‘This is a decision by Rodney Tom to switch parties back again,’ Pelz said. ‘Rodney Tom is a Republican now’.”
“Tom was initially elected as a Republican but switched parties in 2006. Pelz said he believes the latest move was simply a way for Tom to fulfill his personal ambitions.”
(Shortly after Lew Waters brought it to the attention of his readers, the democratian made the decision to suddenly include the missing grafs on the Columbian.)

 So, it appears that, stunningly enough, the democrats do PRECISELY what Ande and the local disgrace of a daily does; lie about what he claimed they did NOT do: kick people out when they don't toe the line.

Lying.  I knew they were when the democratian began their "Boldt as victim" campaign with this idiotic stupidity.

Ultimately, as I pointed out at the time, the leftist newspaper Columbian's support of Boldt hurts him... and not us.

The outcome of the election tends to support that.

Now, of course, they'll run an article where they quote those same lying democrats who whined and sniveled about Boldt's expulsion... who well then continue to lie about the democrats expelling people THEY disagree with.

Members of the democrat executive board will naturally follow suit and resign in protest, just like some GOP members resigned over Boldt's expulsion.


They will, won't they?

Of course they won't.

There will be no comparative articles like those which these slime did about the Boldt situation... no snarky comments from Light Heel Lou, or the pit yorkie.  Nothing will be written about the obvious similarities between the summary dismissal of Senators Tom and Sheldon... Sheldon, a Senator with 23 years of service to his constituents and 23 years of efforts to defeat the democrats who have condemned him and spent 10's of thousands to defeat him by contesting primaries and kick him out of committees.  The Lefists of Whinerville will remain completely silent.

If the rag or the democrats mention it at all, it will be "different" somehow... because it's ALWAYS "different" when leftist hypocrisy is involved.


Just sayin'.

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Lew Waters said...

I would just love to hear Lou trying to explain his way out of this one.

It's just too obvious, especially considering they added the missing portion back in once exposed.

Sorry, too late to hide it now