Sunday, September 22, 2013

Democrats provide convenient "do not elect" freeholder list

Anyone endorsed by the local chapter of neo-communists shouldn't be allowed out without a keeper, let alone have any say in government.

The local democrats, who typically support candidates to the left of Mao, have been kind enough to provide a list of those to avoid at all costs... since there is no way they'd support them if they had any concern over anything the people of Clark County care about... but then, what else is new?

Many of these names already appear on my DNE list... but it never hurts to make sure.

Commissioner District One
Position 1:  Morris Foutch
Position 2: Tom Lawrence
Position 3: Rob Lutz
Position 4: Steve Foster
Position 5: Patricia Reyes
Commissioner District Two:
Position 1: Jamie Hurly
Position 2: Lloyd Halverson
Position 3: Judie Stanton
Position 4: Paul Dennis
Position 5: Tony McMigas
Commissioner District Three: 
Position 1: Pat Jollata
Position 2: Val Ogden
Position 3: Jim Moeller
Position 4: Temple Lentz
Position 5: Jim Mains

Gee.  Imagine that.  Jim Mains finally comes out of the closet.  No wonder he did such a great job helping Marc Boldt get crushed at the polls.

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